Why Us

Every customer is different, every situation is unique. Businesses tend to turn to EMINDS CA for a variety of reasons. However, quite often, it distributes to one word: Trust. The way we trust our customers, the way we care about our people, the way we handle business and bring in the desired results, EMINDS CA is extraordinary. We are a leading provider of value-added services for businesses worldwide, specializing in accounting, insurance back office, legal aid, data management, IT and research.

Provides quick access to outsourcing capability that delivers your business. You will hardly see the difference between your in-house team and us. You will only see your business growing and earning profits. We have been in the industry for a decade now, it was a word long before outsourcing. Our expertise and longevity show that we have procedures and solutions on which our customers can trust.

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Comprehensive business experience
When it comes to providing a world-class BPO outsourcing solution, then EMINDS CA boasts a vast experience. Our company has increased the challenges of our customers. Our extensive domain expertise and professionalism is reflected in our work.

Miscellaneous Global Customer Support
We have a comprehensive and prestigious global customer base of hundreds of small and medium-sized businesses from different industries. No matter their size, location or requirements, customers from around the world are taking advantage of our business outsourcing solutions.

State of the Art Technology
Technology varies all the time, and therefore our tools and strategies. When there is a subtle reaction to change, then we have a thoughtful and planned approach. We use cutting-edge technology and equipment.

Highly Reliable
Over 100 customers have relied on our experience. Countless testimonials from our customers highlight their satisfaction in getting first-rate services. We work closely with you as a team to provide optimum solutions that are tailored to your needs.

Security and Privacy
In EMINDS CA, we are careful about the concerns of our customers and find complete privacy and privacy in relation to any kind of data/information provided to us by our customers. We are in line with the industry’s best safety practices.

Instant time for the Market
We know that there are small windows of opportunities in businesses, which they should hold to stay ahead of the curve. At EMINDS CA, we tend to reduce the market time through highly efficient means, verified industry practices, and essential expertise.

Competitive Price Services
Competition is one thing which constantly honors our acquisition and expertise. We consider this as our inspiration, which motivates us to give our best. Therefore, you will always find us competitive when it is related to your cost or is related to our services for you.

24 x 7 Availability
As a global service provider, we ensure that our operations team is available 24/7 for working on your project. We match our time with you and make sure that our flexibility allows us to serve you in our time zone.

What Do We Like

Deep Industry Experience
Professional and Experienced Team
Solid Infrastructure
Round the Clock Operations
A Simple Pricing Model
Timely Completion of Your Projects
Competitive Costs
Impressive Results for Your Business
Assured Data Security & Confidentiality
Dependable Customer Support

Ready Reckoner App

In this complex world of financial accounting, you need a simple APP to calculate the future value of money.

Tax Advisory Service

Our expertise in this area is legendary as we have established our presence in this segment as a reliable firm.

Business & Financial Services

We have dedicated professionals in our pay roles who offer financial, advisory as well as consulting advice.

Creative Financial Management

Cash Flow
Assets Under Management

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Financial Reporting

Combining transparency with accurate reporting, your numbers are compiled for final reporting.

Cost Accounting

We help our clients to improve their overall profitability in a way that can be termed as advisory.

Investment Strategy

We believe our expertise is for sharing and we go about doing it in right earnest!

Tax Planning

The future value of money is taken into account and planning is done accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using this section, get all the clarifications for your questions and doubts about outsourcing, finance, and investments. We love to clarify your doubts and get you back to your business real quick with more confidence.

Why should I outsource my support functions?
What are the main benefits of offshore outsourcing?
What Accounting functions can be outsourced?

Tax Planning


Manage your taxes wisely!