USA Company Registration

Through register C-Corporation or LLC, India is easily the world’s largest market. For the registration of the USA company, physical presence or travel to USA is not required. Process can be completed online through in less than a week.

The United States has been the world’s largest economy since 1871. The US economy is roughly $ 20 trillion, which is almost 14 times the size of the Indian economy. The United States is in the category of developed economies and due to the abundance of its advanced infrastructure, technology and natural resources, it is an economic powerhouse, unlike any other country in the world. The US economy is primarily service-oriented, which contributes 80% of its GDP, while Manufacturing contributes around 15% of its production.

With the rapid development of technology, the time of shipment is decreasing across the world and there is a large English speaking population, India’s business is in a unique position to explore the US market or establish a global business outside the USA. With one of the lowest corporate tax rates, well established business laws and practices – the United States is the right choice for most Indian businesses with global ambitions or foreign base is the leading company in the company registration services in India, which offers a variety of company registrations such as private limited company registration, one person company registration, LLP registration and more. can help you register C-Corp or LLC in the United States in less than 5 business days. Schedule an appointment with Advisor and get free consultation on USA company registration and business setup in the USA.

Indian citizens can join a company in the USA without traveling to USA via However, in order to open a bank account, physical presence is necessary.

Opening a US bank account

In order to open a US bank account, business incorporation documents and EIN will be required. Once the business is incorporated, to open a bank account – the business owner should travel to USA on a proper visa and walk in the bank’s branch. We recommend Wington Trust, HSBC, Wells Fargo, American Bank, Chase or Citi Bank. Many bank branches in the state of Delaware or Vegas are proficient in the process of setting up a bank account for foreign nationals.

Also, in the event of constancy, LLC or Corporation does not need to start a business account. Based on the incorporation documents, the business owner can run in any branch in any state and open a business account.

When opening a bank account, a physical address must be provided in the USA to send information, check book, debit / credit card and other information to the bank from time to time. You can set up a forwarding service in the USA to receive your mail and forward it to you in India. will only be responsible for joining your LLC or corporation in the United States and getting the EIN number. Any service provider including can not open a bank account in USA without your physical presence.

Benefits of establishing a company in America

-Extremely business friendly laws
-Delaware is a tax haven and does not collect taxes from those companies who do not work within that state.
-The business incorporation process in Delaware is extremely fast.
-There is no need to disclose the company’s directors and shareholders’ names publicly.

What are the details and documents we have told you?

-Name of the company
-Types of business
-Registered business address
-Registered agent: (Y / N) (If you have any other address, please mention)
-Business partner’s name
-Business partner addresses
-Ownership: (%) US promotional packages include

-Name check and acceptance
-Preparation and Filing of Articles of Association
-Registered agent service (one year)
-Issuing certificate of association
-Employee Identification Number (EIN)

USA Company

USA Admission Options

American business can be set up like a sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC or a corporation. However, the entry path for Indian nationals or Indian institutions is limited to an LLC or C-Corp in the United States.

In the United States, laws and regulations related to the incorporation and management of an LLC or a corporation vary from state to state. However, we include all LLCs or corporations for Indian nationals in Delaware due to various benefits like low tax, minimum maintenance fees and excellent corporate laws.

Delaware is not only a good option for Indian nationals and companies – but also for US companies who do business in public and Delaware includes Fortune 500 companies.

LLC (Limited Liability Company)

LLC is a type of entity that has the characteristics of both corporation and partnership. LLC provides limited liability protection to the owners in case of litigation or bankruptcy. At the same time, LLCs are also operationally flexible and compliance requirements for an LLC are simple.

For example, a corporation requires proposals and shareholder meetings, and the recording and filing of forms showing the meetings were organized and voting chiefs made the decisions. On the other hand, LLC does not require the annual shareholder meeting.


If your goal is to get money from VCS and messenger investors, then incorporating a C-Corporation in USA is the right choice. Corporations are considered more professional by bankers, investors, customers, suppliers and employees – this is an ideal choice for most businesses.

C-Corporations is an independent legal entity that is different from those who control, manage and manage it. Due to this recognition as a personal entity, it is seen as a legal “person” in the context of tax laws, and thus it may engage in business and contracts, launch lawsuits and self May be prosecuted.

Registered Representative

All Delaware LLCs or corporations are required to maintain a registered agent in Delaware State, which will be responsible for receiving and processing all official mail from Delaware Company. Our package includes Delaware registered agent service for one year.

Corporate Tax Rate

In the United States, two types of corporate income tax have been levied on LLCs and corporations – Federal Corporate Tax and State Corporate Tax. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) has recently reduced the federal corporate income tax rate from 35% to 21%.

The state corporate income tax rate in the US is different in different states. 3% of the lowest in North Carolina is 12% in Iowa. Delaware corporate taxes are levied on 8.7% of net income. However, if a business is included in Delaware, but Delaware does not trade in business in the state, then state corporate tax will not be levied. In this way, incorporating Delaware will be most beneficial for foreign nationals and institutions, who want to do business in the USA through Delaware.


all inclusive fees

  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent

all inclusive fees

  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent
  • EIN Number

all inclusive fees

  • LLC or C-Corporation Incorporation
  • 1 Year Registered Agent
  • EIN Number
  • 1 Year Mail Handling

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How many individuals are required to open US LLC or Corporation?

Just one person is enough to include the American LLC or the corporation.

Do I need a visa passport to include US LLC or Corporation?

No, any foreign citizen can include a US LLC or a corporation without a passport or a US visa.

Do I have to travel to USA to get involved?

No, you do not have to travel to USA to get involved. It can be completed without leaving India.

How to open a US bank account?

Once US LLC or corporation is involved, you can use those documents with EIN to open a US bank account. In order to open a US bank account, physical presence of the person in the bank branch in the US will be necessary.

What is the EIN number?

Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number given by the IRS. EIN is necessary for opening a US bank account, hiring employees and filing various business tax returns.

Will help me open a USF bank account? can only help and assure a LLC or C-Corporation involvement. With incorporation documents and EIN number, the business owner can run in any bank branch to open a business account. However, the physical presence of the business owner in the US is mandatory to open a bank account. Therefore, can not help in opening a US bank account beyond the phase of incorporation.

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