Trademark Rectification

Trademark registration is a type of intellectual property protection under which a word or visual symbol is used to isolate the goods or services separately from any other goods or services which arise from any other business. In order to register a trademark, a trademark application should be filed with the relevant trademark registrar in the format prescribed by the applicant. Once you have filed a trademark application, the trademark registrar will process the application. If any concern is paid to the trademark application, then the examiner will mark the application as a formality Chk Fail and will request the improvement of the trademark application. If there is no concern, the Trademark Checker may allow advertisements for a trademark application before registration or raise objections for registration.

Therefore, in cases where the trademark registrar fails to clear the application or send back to the EDP, the applicant has an opportunity to improve and re-submit the trademark application. The improvements made to the trademark executives note should be prepared on the basis of reasons and facts, as the mark was not allowed for further processing. If the trademark examiner finds substantial improvements and addresses all the concerns raised by him, then the application is allowed to be processed and the trademark examiner is marked for examination by the examiner to prepare the report. is the leading business service platform in India, offering various services like company registration, trademark filing, tax registration, tax filing, and capital syndication. can help you improve an existing trademark app. The average time taken for draft and draft of the trademark improvement is approximately 5 – 10 business days, subject to the submission of government processing time and customer documents. Get a free consultation on trademark improvement by scheduling an appointment with Advisor.

Important Aspects of Filing Trademark Application

Give Commercial Feedback

It is important to fix a professional trademark application and answer the concerns raised by the trademark examiner. An experienced professional can help improve the chances of successful trademark registration by entering a professional response, addressing all concerns of the trademark examiner.

No Guarantee

Registering a trademark improvement does not guarantee registration of the trademark. Trademark registration is a process and registration is provided by the trademark registrar only – on the basis of the facts and premises of each case. Therefore, our professionals can make best efforts to overcome the concerns of the trademark registrar on the basis of experience and expertise only.


Filing after the trademark improvement, it is important to check the condition of the trademark application from time to time by the government on its processing. Sometimes applicants require different timed responses or action in the trademark registration. Therefore, it is important to constantly check the status of the application and take necessary action till registration.

Trademark Journal

Trade Mark Journal is an official gazette of Trade Marks Registry. If the trademark examiner determines that the application is accepted, then the trademark has been advertised in the trademark journal. While the application is advertised, the third party has the opportunity to oppose the registration of the mark.

Trademark Opponents

According to the Trademark Act, any person can register a notice against a trademark application in the period of four months from that trademark date, which is advertised or re-advertised in the trademark journal. After receiving the notice of the opposition, it is necessary for the application to register a counter statement within two months to the registrar.


all inclusive fees

  • Drafting and filing of rectification for applications marked Formalities Check Fail by Trademark Examiner. Exclusive pricing for trademark applications filed by eMinds CA. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

all inclusive fees

  • Drafting and filing of rectification for applications marked Formalities Check Fail by Trademark Examiner with fresh Form-48. For trademark applications filed by third-parties. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

all inclusive fees

  • Drafting and filing of reply for objection raised by Trademark Examiner along with trademark rectification. Inclusive of government fee and GST.

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How we help in Registering a Trademark Improvement can help you to improve an existing trademark application and fail to check the formalities.

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An experienced trademark lawyer will understand the nature and cause of objection or opposition.

Based on the nature of objection or opposition, a reply notice will be filed by the trademark lawyer.

Once the documents are signed, documents are filed with the trademark registrar to complete the process of objection.

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