Many small and medium business establishments, tax firms and CPAs all over the world struggle with punctuality during the busy tax season and deal with less use during Off-Season. eMinds CA, an ideal tax outsourcing company, can help you deal with the difficulties faced by very thick weather. Our CPA tax preparation services can improve efficiency and profitability by focusing on high-value client solutions and reducing their firm’s resources to achieve a more desirable work-life balance – triggering better employee and customer satisfaction. What makes eMinds CA special? Our selection of income-tax preparation, our exuberance, our commitment to our customers, and our products is just what we can expect from you. Whether you choose the tax preparation services of eMinds CA for your personal or perhaps business taxes, you are getting a porter who will support you and activate your needs, biggest refunds or small legal liabilities at the time of preparing tax returns. Will dig the form. When we manage your tax processing tasks, you can focus on improving customer relationships. We have great experience of all kinds of tax reporting and preparation for CPA and small businesses. When you outsource to us, you assure the safe distribution of work done by using recognized software for different countries.

OUR 5-Step CPA Tax Preparation Process

We Login
Customer’s tax software remotely on a secure, encrypted link to the CPA firm’s office

You Scan
Upload to tax organizer / source / docs / financial statement and secure server.

We Prepare
Using the customer’s favorite software

We Review and Send
Upload status of return to CPA staff

You Review and File
With the help of “Prepare Review Notes” If there is no major improvement, then give the final form and determine the return.

We Provide Tax Preparation Outsourcing Services For the Following

United States

Individual: Form 1040, Form 1040A and Form 1040EZ
Partnership: Form No. 1065 and K-1
Corporation: Form 1120, Form 1120A and Form 1120S (for statutory corporations)


Individual: Form T1 General
Business: Form T2, T4, T4A, T5, T5018
GST/HST Filings

United Kingdom

Individual: SA100
Business: SA800
Corporation: CT600
Value Added Tax: VAT100


GST calculations and returns


$10 per hour

$900 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

$12 per hour

$1400 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

$15 per hour

$1800 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.


This is a pricing model under which we deploy a number of dedicated full -time human power because the customer will be in their home country according to the needs of their project. In fact, the engine offers the opportunity to be a “virtual employee” on the offshore location of low cost without any employee liability. Dedicated Full Time Employee with Dynamic infrastructure is dedicated to the client model, which not only helps in reducing cost but ensures high project monitoring so that time and quality delivery can be ensured. Under the CCD model, a fixed price is charged per customer per employee per month, depending on the number of people posted on it. Depending on the skill, experience and expertise set out in the fee, the difference is 1000 USD per month to 3000 USD per month.

Ready Reckoner App

In this complex world of financial accounting, you need a simple APP to calculate the future value of money.

Tax Advisory Service

Our expertise in this area is legendary as we have established our presence in this segment as a reliable firm.

Business & Financial Services

We have dedicated professionals in our pay roles who offer financial, advisory as well as consulting advice.

Professional Tax Software Used by eMinds CA

For United States: Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting software, Intuit ProSeries, Intuit’s Lacerte, Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax, Turbo Tax, ATX, and ProSystem fx ® Suite – CCH
For Canada: Cantax, Taxnic, Taxprep, Profile, UFile, TurboTax, and Quicken

For United Kingdom: CCH Software, IRIS Software Ltd, Sage (UK) Ltd, Thomson Reuters
For Australia: Thomson Reuters, CCH ProSystem Tax, Handisoft, MYOB, Taxcat

How Do We Prepare a Tax Return?

We check your balance sheets and other relevant data and properly classify all items before processing and preparing your tax return. While preparing and processing our tax returns, we analyze the benefits and losses, in addition to treatment and tax liability for various accounts while preparing outsourcing tax returns and providing processing services. Before getting ready at the end of the tax return, we bring your comments, comments, and perspectives to you. The team is well trained and qualified to prepare tax returns. We regularly upgrade our skills and knowledge in leading tax software and legal laws through on-going training. By outsourcing to a tax preparation company, a business unit or CPA firm can reduce the cost by 50% -60%. Apart from paying attention to your basic operations and saving the cost, there will be more time to reduce stress.

We receive data related to tax returns in one of three modes:
Remote access based
– Secured server based
– E-mail based

We investigate the information and feed it to the tax software of your choice. After data entry and processing, we audit the information to ensure that it is correctly accounted for and recorded. After that, we send the returns to you with your comments and comments, through the transmission process that you choose. When the return reaches you, you can finalize, modify the information as needed and review it and return it to us. Then we update your tax file and send the final copy to you for filing. Want to try our free pilot project? Stay in touch with us today or call us at +91 8454 09 2426. You will be amazed to see how much time and money you can save to make eMinds CA one of the leading tax preparation companies in the world.

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    Financial Reporting

    Combining transparency with accurate reporting, your numbers are compiled for final reporting.

    Cost Accounting

    We help our clients to improve their overall profitability in a way that can be termed as advisory.

    Investment Strategy

    We believe our expertise is for sharing and we go about doing it in right earnest!

    Tax Planning

    The future value of money is taken into account and planning is done accordingly.

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