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As each planning stage involves a planning phase, in the same way, the security event cycle also starts from a planning phase. Security systems are studied and plans are made for IT infrastructure and data protection. Detecting hazards and factors, which is the cause of vulnerability to the system, is of prime importance. Penetrating testing is done by the formation of red and blue teams. This scheme is in a phase when an information security architecture is maintained, which is efficient, realistic and relevant.

It is true that any business can face it and it will have to face counter attack from many unknown sources. To last a long time, it is important to build a defense strategy and strengthen security architecture. Therefore, security technologies are formed, which include the correct procedures, to get rid of unwanted elements, to apply protection filter to fight malware attacks, manage access rights of data, protect web applications It is important to keep in mind that word resistance is used and not security.

To Find Out
The business is running in a very volatile environment and it is not possible to resist all efforts to impose, so finding out yet plays another important role. The company monitors the eagle at every level of IT infrastructure, which includes networks, applications, and data. Detection is of two types, i.e. extrusion and infiltration; These two types are used to collect logs and to detect changes. Detection phase helps collect data, which is very important when studying the range of deadly activities.

Once the violation is detected, the next step is to hand over the event operators, which is a multi-fold process such as understanding the scope of the event, controlling the situation and most importantly getting rid of the attackers. It later goes towards recovering from the attack. This stage serves as the input of the scheme phase of the next activity.

Whatever people are related to technology, physical and network infrastructure, our four major steps take care of them, especially security.

Physical Security
Our centers are taken care of by our security personnel round the clock.
All our employees/visitors are allowed to enter our premises using the Biometric Fingerprint Access Control System.
Our premises are protected by supplemental access control devices and CCTV surveillance systems, which ensures that there is no illegal entry.
We have specific fire fighting and disaster clearance plans and procedures to prevent damage due to loss and unexpected events.

People and culture
Well-trained staff members who understand the safety needs of customers.
Legally binding confidentiality agreement for all team members
Only those people who are directly involved in the project, important information is provided to them.
It is ensured that EMINDS CA offers tailor-made training programs for customers who have certain security protocols.

To ensure that the data is properly protected, technology-driven detection systems have been implemented.
Employees are not permitted to drive external drives in order to prevent data theft.
All workstations are implemented by back-up drive management and minimum print permission is allowed to avoid abuse.
Along with the system, all activities are monitored and audited on the internet usages.
All PC networks and windows are equipped with login and are protected by PC username and password. In addition, emails are protected with digital signatures.
Desktop applications are completely secure and a single sign in the enterprise is mandatory.
100% dismissal for business continuity:
The optic fiber cable is laid and the satellite communication is turned on so that there is less dependence on the internet.
Power failure systems like UPS and generators are used to fight power failure.

Network Security
In order to increase privacy from peers, a fully secure VPN network has been implemented.
Data security is of vital importance, therefore effective facilities are organized for administrative investigation, auditing, and reporting.
Latest anti-virus software that detects malware, anti-phishing programs, spam blockers, URL filters, and other standard security and fights them, so that workstations and networks are not infected.


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