As the competition in the global markets is increasing and brand loyalty is decreasing, companies are finding it difficult to penetrate the needs of the customers. Businesses need customer insights to be able to make decisions for calculation. Companies need data analytics and advanced search for information and they realize the importance of analytics solution for that purpose. In order to develop successful solutions and strategies, companies are collaborating with outsourcing providers of analytics and research to outsource the function, which, as you probably know, is a very specific one.

eMinds CA Helps You Make Decisions

We provide support through our analytics and research outsourcing services to make professional decisions through services based on insights so that you can better understand your customers. We help you make business decisions based on insights because we have a strong worldwide delivery model that takes advantage of operational excellence, intimacy with industry and thorough analysis and research expertise.

We Follow a KPO Model
We adhere to the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) model to provide analytics and research services. In low-cost Asian markets, this model has become a business tool which is highly successful for companies that want to take advantage of large centralized facilities for outsourcing of analytics. To run a focused and effective organization, outsourcing is rapidly becoming an important component, and even companies that are relatively small, are taking advantage of it with advancement in technology. Companies use our services rather than full-time employees. This is because they work with us to gain efficiency and effectiveness in their resource management with flexibility.
eMinds CA’s Analytics and research services include:

Market Research and Analysis

Market research is an essential aspect of any business, regardless of its size or business. Prior to any important decision for any business, a proper plan is absolutely necessary. Despite the size of the decision, proper market research and planning are absolutely essential. Is any new product being offered in a market, a new market is being discovered, or a new business is being started; Clarifying and proper market research is required. Due to lack of time and cost, some businesses avoid this, even if it is important in current knowledge and technology-oriented era. This becomes an expensive process if decisions are made after doing proper market research through marketers working at home. However, these costs can be reduced in a major way. Outsourcing of services related to market research for organization eMinds CA can take advantage of substantial costs. Outsourcing can help you make right and timely decisions, even if you are trying new ideas as a business executive or as a person who starts with a new business. We provide customized services for market research.

Our services include the following:
Competitive analysis
Financial Market Research
SWOT analysis

Formal reports are presented to clients once the analysts complete their analysis and research work.
Our services and market research are based on the following:
Guaranteed privacy
Research that is result oriented
Research that is independent and unbiased

Financial Analysis and Research
eMinds CA provides customized investment / financial analysis and research outsourcing services. We try to help organizations use their ideas and experiences to convert investment ideas into successful plans of action. We help you free the time of your in-house analysts, so that they can pay more attention to the activities that help generate more revenue. We contribute to profitability and long term development through customized, important and practical investment advice which we provide for both buying and selling side companies around the world. We empower and equip them through our high-quality investment and financial research and analysis services. Our outsourced services are very effective. Different procedures for your business can benefit from such financial research and analysis:

It helps in managing the cash flows of your business through financial planning.
It helps to ensure that your business can meet your financial needs through the evaluation of your working capital.
It can show investors how you are expecting to earn and prove your ability in this manner.

We support independent investment advisors, investment banks, venture capital firms, corporations, asset management firms, brokerage firms and private equity firms in various geographical areas, customer segments and asset classes.

Our investment analysis and research service include the following:
Ratio analysis
Equity research analysis
Comparative analysis
Financial data analysis
Feasibility analysis
Sector or industry research
Portfolio analysis
Comparative analysis

Analysis and Reports Offered

In order to provide the best data available to you and your company, we offer several reporting services, including credit risk reports, financial modeling for corporate profiling, updating, and development, sector analysis, comparable company analysis (both in your market and emerging) Includes, preceding mergers and acquisition transaction analysis, briefing packs, pitch books for research opportunities and research Analysts comment on Orton. Our service range can be customized according to your particular needs, we will contact you to find out about it.

Why Should You Outsource to eMinds CA?

If you choose to outsource your analytics and research needs, eMinds CA can improve its capital and internal resources more effectively and substantially. Some important reasons for outsourcing us are as follows:
High focus on productivity and quality
Save more than half of your cost on your analysis and research expenditures.
You can reach us at any time, 24/7
You do not really need to invest in people and train them later
Being able to access technical skills and double degree business as highly qualified people
Ability to do primary research worldwide (including high-end research)
Specialization in the domain of different types of industries
Support for outsourcing to customers worldwide, including Asia Pacific, UK and America
Instead of spending money and time on the acquisition of human and technical services, you can insist on your core competencies
Functional depth in many verticals



$10 per hour

$900 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

$12 per hour

$1400 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

$15 per hour

$1800 per month
  • Under this engagement model, we charge on the basis of the hours spent on the project.
  • We charge 40-50 percent per transaction for a payment of USD 250 per month.

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