Provisional Patent

While applying for patent registration, one of the most important legal documents is a provisional specification or full specification. To increase the probability of obtaining patent registration, a provision specification can be filed with a patent specification if the applicant feels that the invention has reached one stage in which it can be disclosed on paper, but the last step Not received. Therefore, the provisional specifications are mainly similar to the draft specification filed for securing the date of priority for application on any other application, which can be filed in relation to the same invention being developed by a competitor.

A provision specification should have the title and description of the invention. The description should start from the second page, which begins with the field of invention and is related to the description of the invention, the object of inventions and inventions. In the provisional specification, claims are not included. Claims are usually only included in the full specification. is the leading trading service platform in India, which offers a variety of services like trademark registration, patent registration, GST registration, LLP registration and much more. can help you file a provisional patent application in India. Average time to file a temporary patent application is subject to approximately 15 – 20 working days, government processing time and customer documentation submission. Find a free consultation on provisional patent application filing by scheduling an appointment with Advisor.

Benefits of Providing Provisional Patent

Legal Protection

Only the registered patent owners are allowed to sue for damages in cases of action or patent infringement. Patent protection is not enforceable for inventions that are not registered.

Global Patent Protection

Patent registration in India can be used as the basis of patent registration in other countries, if necessary. Foreign and foreign institutions can also enter patents in India if required.

Competitive Edge

The patent registration will provide a unique competitive edge for the business. Contestants will not be allowed to use patented inventions for similar goods or services.

20 years Validity

Patent registration in India is valid for 20 years from the date of filing a patent application, whether filed with provisional or full specification.

Asset Creation

Patent registration creates an intellectual property, which is an intangible asset for an organization. The registered patent is an intangible asset that can be sold, franchisee or commercially contracted.


all inclusive fees

  • Provisional application of device patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract and provisional specifications to be provided by the client. Inclusive of government fees and GST.

all inclusive fees

  • Provisional application of design and medical patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract and provisional specifications to be provided by the client. Inclusive of government fees and GST.

all inclusive fees

  • Provisional application of device, design or medical patents with the Indian Patent Office. Invention abstract to be provided by the client. Claims specifications will be drafted by eMinds CA expert. Inclusive of government fees and GST.

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How do we help with Provisional Patent Registration can help you apply for provisional patent registration within 7-10 working days.

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