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Prior to outsourcing the services to a provider, the primary things that are kept in mind are their dependencies, cost-effectiveness, past work experience and most importantly their methodology.

In eMinds CA, we make value for our customers by following a special five-step outsourcing process. This process helps us to detect uninterrupted infections and also completes the project assigned to us within the agreed time and pre-determined budget.


Customers fill in the inquiry form with their needs and our sales team communicates with them via email or telephone to discuss their project in detail. We prepare an outsourcing strategy and meet urgent requirements, after analyzing the components of their business, which are ‘outsourced’.


We then implement a detailed transit plan. In order to provide proof of concept, our execution team completes a pilot project and hands it over to the client, who hand over the sample to the client for approval with the estimation of the ballpark measured on the basis of the sample work.


After obtaining acceptance on costs along with work, we send proposals to the customer, facilitate customer visits, finalize the contracts and define service level agreements (SLAs).


The HR team deploys suitable resources for the customer’s project and arranges initial training for them. After the final selection, we start the assignment. At all times, we ensure that the parameters of the turnaround time, efficiency and quality are met.


A team leader or project supervisor is going to be in touch with the client using day-to-day project tracking and feedback using e-mail, telephone or instant messenger. We ensure that our customers have always had complete control over the entire process of outsourcing.

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The future value of money is taken into account and planning is done accordingly.

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Using this section, get all the clarifications for your questions and doubts about outsourcing, finance, and investments. We love to clarify your doubts and get you back to your business real quick with more confidence.

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