Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company is one of the highly recommended ways to start a business in India. This type of company provides limited liability for its shareholders with some restrictions placed on ownership.

To get funding and tax benefits, register a company today.

A leading legal adviser, cs, ca, advocate, provides quick company registration service in India with three simple steps.

Register your Directors with MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs)
Get guidance to choose the right company name
Draft your company’s constitution (MoA and AoA)

A Certificate of Incorporation (COI) with Pan and Tan, the company can obtain approval after the registration process. You can officially open a working bank account with the incorporation certificate and start the operation of your business.

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Why Choose Company Registration in India? Benefit

Registering a company brings many benefits. A registered company makes it real and enhances the authenticity of your business.

Protects against profits and other risks and losses from personal liability.
Attracts more customers
Easily receives bank credit and good investment from reliable investors.
Provides liability protection for the protection of your company’s property
Greater Capital Contribution More Stability
Enlarges and increases the capacity of expansion

Checklist for registering a company in India

According to the law for any company registered in India in the Companies Act, 2003, the conditions below must be met.

Two Directors:
A private limited company should have at least two directors and, at most, the directors can be 18. In the business, there should be at least one resident of India.

Unique Name
Your business name must be unique. The suggested name should not match any existing company or trademark of India.

Minimum Capital Consumption:
There is no minimum capital amount for a company. A company has at least Rs. Should have an authorized capital 1 Lac.

Registered Office:
There is no commercial place in the registered office of a company. Even a rented house can be a registered office, so unless the NoC gets received from the landlord.

How to register a company online? – A detailed registration process

Company registration in India will promote the progress of startups and will provide an extra boost to those who have not registered. The corporate affairs ministry controls the registration process with the rules and regulations made in accordance with the law.

Step 1: Application for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)
Step 2: Apply for DIN (Director Identification Number)
Step 3: Application for availability of name.
Step 4: Filing of EOMA and EOA to register private limited company
Step 5: Apply for company’s PAN and TAN
Step 6: Certificate of Incorporation Incorporated by ROC with PAN and Tan
Step 7: Opening of a working bank account on the company name

Find a company before registering company

One of the primary steps in company registration is to ensure that the company name is not already taken by any other legal entity. We can search for the name of a company to check the availability of special name in India against MCA and Trademark Databases.

We advise businesses to come up with three to four alternate names during the approval phase of the private limited company registration. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs will be the last authority to approve name on the basis of availability rules and regulations.

If you are disappointed that the preferred name has been taken, remember that your company name is not your brand name. However, if you are going to register the brand name, also check whether it has already been trademarked at If it has been trademarked, you will need a NOC from its owner because it has been approved as your company name.

Essential documents for online company registration

In India, the registration of a private limited company can not be done without proper identification proof and proof of address. To include all the directors and shareholders of the company, proof of identity and address will be required. The documents listed below are acceptable for the online company registration process by MCA.

Identity and address proof
Scanned copy of PAN card or passport (Foreign Citizens and Overseas Indians)
Scanned copy of voter ID/passport/ driver’s license
Scanned copy of latest bank statement/telephone or mobile bill/electricity or gas bill
Scanned passport size photograph sample signature (blank document with signature [directive only])
For foreign nationals, apostilled or notarized copies of passports must be submitted inevitably. All documents submitted must be valid. Residual proof documents such as bank statements or electricity bills should be less than 2 months old.

Registered office proof
For registration of online company in India, the company should have a registered office in India. To certify admission in the registered office, a recent copy of the electricity bill or the property tax receipt or water bill must be submitted. With the agreement of the rental, a letter from the landlord must be submitted along with his consent to utilizing the utility bill or the sale deed and the office of the company as the registered office.

Scanned copy of latest bank statement/telephone or mobile bill/electricity or gas bill
Scanned copy of the notary rental agreement in English
Scanned copy of NOC from owner of property
Copy of Sales Deed / Property Deed in English (in case of Owned Property)
Note: The business location is not required for your registered office; It can also be your residence.

How can we help you register your company in India? Why

The private limited company registration process is completely online, so you do not even need to leave your home to register your unit. In, we complete the company registration online within 15 days. company registration package includes:

DIN and DSC for two directors
Formatting MoA and AoA
Registration Fee & Stamp Duty
Company incorporation certificate
Company pan and tan



all inclusive fees

  • 3 Class 2 Digital Signatures
  • 2 Director Identification Numbers
  • 1 RUN Name Approval
  • Upto 10 Lakhs Authorized Capital
  • Incorporation Fee
  • Stamp Duty 4
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN & TAN
  • 50+ Document Formats
  • Incorporation Kit
  • Hard-copy Share Certificates
  • GST Registration

all inclusive fees

  • 3 Class 2 Digital Signatures
  • 2 Director Identification Numbers
  • RUN Name Approval
  • Upto 10 Lakhs Authorized Capital
  • Incorporation Fee
  • Stamp Duty 4
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN & TAN
  • 50+ Document Formats
  • Incorporation Kit
  • Hard-copy Share Certificates
  • GST Registration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Annual Report
  • Director’s Report
  • Board Resolution Preparation
  • MCA Annual Return Filing
  • Income Tax Return Filing
  • 1 Year Dedicated Compliance Manager Support

all inclusive fees

  • 3 Class 2 Digital Signatures
  • 2 Director Identification Numbers
  • 1 RUN Name Approval
  • Upto 10 Lakhs Authorized Capital
  • Incorporation Fee
  • Stamp Duty 4
  • Incorporation Certificate
  • PAN & TAN
  • 50+ Document Formats
  • Incorporation Kit
  • Hard-copy Share Certificates
  • GST Registration
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Annual Report
  • Director’s Report
  • Board Resolution Preparation
  • MCA Annual Return Filing
  • Income Tax Return Filing
  • 1 Year Dedicated Compliance Manager Support
  • 12 GST Return Filing (GSTR-3B or GSTR-1)
  • Udyog Aadhar Registration
  • Trademark Registration

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Do I need to be physically present during this process?

No, the registration of the new company is completely online process. As all the documents are recorded electronically, you will not need to be physically present. You will need to send us scanned copies of all required documents and forms.

How much time is needed to establish private limited company in India?

If you have all documents in order, it will not take more than 15 days. However, it relies on the registrar’s charge.

What are the rules for choosing a private limited company?

Registrar of Companies (ROC) expects applicants to adhere to some naming guidelines throughout India. Some of them are subjective, which means that the approval can depend on the opinion of the officer who handles your application. However, the more you follow the rules listed below, the better the probability of your approval. However, make sure your name is available.

Which documents are required to complete the process?

All directors must provide a copy of identification and address proof, as well as PAN card (for Indian citizens) and passport (for foreign citizens). No Objection Certificate should be submitted by the owner of the registered office premises.

What is DSC?

DSC is a tool that is issued and certified by the authorities (TCS and n-Code are two of them) through which you can sign electronic documents. As all documents required are electronic, partners need a DSC.

Is there a continuous existence of a private limited company?

Yes, by the time the annual compliance is complete, the private limited company will continue to exist. If you do not comply with the requirements, it will become inactive, unless it is completely killed by the register.

How much does it cost to run a private limited company?

The four categories can be divided into: the cost of establishing a private limited company, the cost of accounting and auditing, the cost of compliance and various expenses. At the very least, you can expect to spend the buck. Rs 50,000 on all these.

Is a company's books required to be audited?

Yes, a private limited company will have to appoint an auditor, regardless of its revenue. In fact, an auditor should be appointed within 30 days of incorporation. Compliance is important with a private limited company, considering that penalties for non-compliance can run in lakhs or rupees and even lead directors to blacklist.

What are the articles of association and association memorandum?

These documents include the rules, visions and missions of your organization, and define among other things, precise trade and the role and responsibilities of shareholders and directors.

Do the two directors are required for the registration of a private limited company?

Yes, a private limited company needs at least two directors. Maximum members can be 200. You can register as a person company, if you are the sole owner of the company.

Who can be in a private limited company?

Any person/organization can become a member of a private limited company including NRI / foreigners. However, in terms of the age of the person it should be 18+ and must have a valid PAN card.

What is the minimum required capital for a private limited company?

There is no minimum capital requirement to start Private Limited Company.

Can a director of a private limited company be a salaried person?

Yes, a salaried person can become a director in Private Limited, LLP or OPC Private Limited Company. Need to check employment agreement if it allows for such provisions. In many cases, employers are quite comfortable with the fact that their employees are directors in any other company.

Can limited liability partnership (LLP) be converted into a Private Limited Company?

No, no LLP can be converted into a private limited company because it is not an MCA. There is no provision for conversion of LLP in both the LLP Act, 2008 and the Companies Act, 2013, both a private limited company. However, if someone wants to expand their business, they can register a new private limited company with the same name. The LLP company only needs to issue NOC certificates.

What time did take in creating a private limited company? can integrate a private limited company in 15-25 days. The time taken depends on the relevant documents provided by the applicant and the speed of approval from the government. To ensure prompt registration, please choose a unique name as the proposed company name and also ensure that you have all the necessary documents before the registration process begins.

Can NRI / foreign nationals become directors in a private limited company?

Yes, one NRI and foreign national can become a director in a private limited company. They need to get DIN from Indian ROC. They may also be the majority shareholder in the company. At least one director should be an Indian resident in the board of directors.

Does a person have to be present for the incorporation of a private limited company?

The whole process is done online and no one has to attend our office or any other place for incorporation. The scanned copies of the documents should be sent via mail. They receive a corporate incorporation certificate from MCA through courier at the business address.

A private limited company has called a separate legal entity. Why?

A company is a legal entity and is like a separate person established under the Act. It is considered as a different person who can be the owner of the property and can be a debt or creditor. Members of a company (directors / shareholders) have no liability towards the creditors of that company, when a company’s company is unable to pay the debt.

Can someone register a private company at their home address?

Yes, the company can register at its residential address. The same needs to be presented in the utility bill.

If no partners are available, can anyone register their family members in a company?

Yes, it is good to register a family member as a partner. In the later stage, anyone can change it or transfer shares of the directors.

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