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The logos are separate and memorable designs used to represent a business or enterprise. Logo designing is the process of designing a logo and is one of the first tasks done while starting a new venture. Therefore, the logo is the face of any brand – the very first effect and when executed correctly then serves as a very powerful asset for the business. In addition, in today’s digital words, businesses have to compete for attention and reliability beyond the business card, brochure and traditional realm of the website. Today’s businesses should address their customers through innumerable touch points like sign board, video, mobile app, e-commerce platform, packaging and social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube. Therefore, it is important to give time and design to the people representing the company while starting a new venture.

Some important points to consider while designing a logo are targeted audiences, company culture, corporate color scheme, font options, business name, and tag line. There is no need to include the logo or business name of the logo. However, if the logo should be registered as a trademark, then it should include the business name.

eMindsCA.com is the leading trading service platform in India, offering various services like trademark registration, business registration, tax registration, tax filing, and capital syndication. eMindsCA.com can help you design your logo. The average time to complete designing a logo is 3 – 7 working days, which is subject to client approval. Find a free consultation for logo designing by scheduling an appointment with eMindsCA.com Advisor.

Important Aspects of Logo Designing

Combination Mark

A combination symbol or iconic logotype is a combination of the word mark and symbols – which connect both the company’s name and a visual icon. Combination marks can often be separated if, given the ability to use text or symbol, the situation calls for it. Apart from this, in a legal perspective, combination marks are easier for a trademark than a logo or wordmark logo. Nike, Adidas, Pizza Hut are all examples of combination combinations.


Words are symbols that are in the text in style using only a unique format. A recent study has shown that out of the top 100 brands of the world, 37% of people are logo mark signs. When the company name is very specific and memorable, the word marks are most suitable. Examples of word icons include Coca Cola, Google, Yahoo, Sony and Facebook.


Icons are such logos that contain only a symbol or symbol without the use of words or letters. The symbol can be risky because it does not tell the name of the entity in the logo. Therefore, the symbol is not recommended for a new startup or a small company that is trying to introduce people to their brand. Apple Computers, LG and Microsoft are good examples of all icons.


The letter marks are the ones that contain the word, but only highlight the company’s initial names instead of their full name. Letter mark is ideal for enterprises in which the name is hard to pronounce or is long. Examples of famous letter marks are IBM and EA, which are respectively stand for international trade machines and electronic arts.


Symbol is the state of the text inside a symbol, in which both of them are practically inseparable. Symbols come in the form of an official badge or seal, which makes them a favorite choice for government and political organizations. Some famous icons include Starbucks Coffee, Harley Davidson and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


all inclusive fees

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all inclusive fees

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all inclusive fees

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