Do you know that with the help of Internet click, you can convert website clicks into contacts, connect with visitors, and bring traffic to your website? It can prove to be very effective as part of an organization’s strategy for development. If your target audience does not see it, then a stunning website is rarely used. You can connect with the right customers and your message can be expanded through an internet marketing campaign that is executed properly. eMinds CA takes care of search engine algorithms, keyword density and other things on your behalf as we know that you have less time than seeing the main activities of your business. We are not involved in black hat methods which can be quite risky and can create strategies based on our extensive experience and your long-term prospects. Privacy is not included in our internet marketing solutions and they are effective and secure. We understand that online marketing partnership should be based on trust. We customize marketing plans to meet your needs for strong Internet profiles with different specific elements.

An Overview of Internet Marketing Services:

Social Media Marketing:

It covers all activities to increase your website’s engagement and popularity among other sites and online various social networks.
Social bookmarking of your website
Your strategy for product marketing through the identification of professionals and opposition of each social network
Participation in relevant groups and forums
Creating customized widgets and plug-ins for interaction between social networks and your website
Off-site Strategies for Blog / RSS Marketing

Traffic Analysis:
For any website, Analytics is an important component of internet marketing. Many solutions exist, but Google Analytics is used most often. You can develop your strategy and measure the effectiveness of individual activities related to marketing through analytics. This is because it gives you information about your users, their places and where they have reached your website. Thus, you can measure return on investments made for marketing. eMinds CA can help you with the optimization of your analytics software code so that you can analyze traffic and performance. We can also assist you:
Optimized analysis of path
Tracking specific data about visitors (categories including elements powered by AJAX, Flash, x-domains, and e-commerce)
Tracking full path, last touch or first touch
Traffic data segmentation based on metrics like general topic category or keyword meaning

E-mail Marketing:

A good quality mailing list is the starting point for effective marketing through email. Creating email lists can be difficult. We know how to inspire visitors to sign up for your mailing list through the implementation of the most suitable call-to-action. Your marketing programs can be made more effective through a good mailing list. We can help you:
Regularly sending email marketing pieces and tracking campaign performance and analytical statistics
Managing Opt-In Lists and Email Lists
Help you get started by highlighting your promotion, call-to-action, etc. through the appropriate design of landing pages.
Determine the best publicity, call-to-action, etc.
Designing emails in the most appropriate way to highlight promotion, call-to-action, etc.