How to Write an Introductory Email on an Online Dating Site

How to Write an Introductory Email on an Online Dating Site

The best thing about online dating is that people connecting to these sites usually search for someone who shares mutual interests, goals, wishes etc. People are looking for compatibility, not for one night’s fling – as you meet at times (again, this is usually the case, not always).

In addition, online dating is less competitive than bars / club views. With that said, you still need to consider how you are going to connect online with anyone. The best way to spark interest is by sending an email to him.

Know what you want It should be self-explanatory, but more often than not, people forget to be specific. What is it that you want to send to this email? Are you sending a collective email to see who first answers or are you interested in this particular person? If you are sending a collective email, good luck. If you are really interested, then he thinks that you have sent a collective email. To avoid this, make a point that you have examined his / her profile by commenting on something which he liked or disliked (try to make positive comments and make it so that you two are common) .

Try to keep focus on that. Do not forget about how much workouts you have done in the gym or how well your hair looks. There is no way to introduce yourself to this. Instead, try to find things that are normal to you or those you are curious about (be fair and mature) and show them that you are curious about them (they think it’s flattering).

Do not be needy or scary. If you “I’m very lonely and need to talk to someone, would you go on a date with me or at least answer my email”, you have already left. Being confident is what sells, but do not believe too much. But do not try to sell yourself as someone else, tell them who you are and are upfront. Do not pretend to like something or become someone you know that they only score a date. This is not fun for you and eventually it will catch up with you.

Know when to stop and let go Even if you feel that the person you sent the email to may be the love of your life, then you have to prepare yourself for the harsh reality of rejection – not hearing from behind him / her. If they do not answer for the first time, it is not good to send any other emails unless they answer – if this is your goal then you will never succeed. Then, if he did not answer for the first time, what do you think he is troubling him / is he a successful way of creating a spark? It is possible to close the dating site by sending such emails. It’s not worth it.
Do not be very specific and straightforward. Although most people will give good answers to physical praise, this does not mean that this should be your default introduction. If he has posted an astounding picture, then there are such cynical remarks, “When I look at your beautiful eyes, I see a new world and I want to explore this new beautiful world.” It does not help you, it hurts you and your credibility. As long as you do not want a one-way ticket on the trash icon, focus on anything other than physical presence.

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