How to Write a Customer Service Cover Letter

How to Write a Customer Service Cover Letter

When you want to apply for a customer service job, you have to submit a cover letter with your resume. A well written cover letter should provide information about your experience in the field. However, it should also be brief. Hit Highlights and express your interest in the situation. You may not be able to get a full job based on your cover letter, but if the letter has a malfunction, you can lose it. For that reason, carefully review your work before submitting.

Starting the Letter

Format your document. Open an empty word processing document and set the 1.5 inch (3.8 cm) margin on each side. You want to choose a font size and style that looks readable. Times, Ariel or Helvetica 10-14 points are ideal.

If you have, then use letterhead. Remember to leave enough room for letterhead at the top of the page.

Set up a letter using block-style paragraphs. You leave a line between the paragraphs and do not indent. Instead, all the text should be located on the left side of the page.

Include addresses and dates. If you do not have a letterhead, enter your name and current home address in a block near the top. You can also include your phone number.

Enter the hit twice and then enter the date. Remember it: “January 12, 2017.” If you are outside of the US, then your date format can read “May 12, 2017”. “

Enter twice in a block below the date and enter the contact person’s name, title, employer and address.

Add your salami. You can know who you are addressing. If so, use the name. A greeting should be read “Dear Ms. Smith”. Greetings gives two rows below the employer’s address.

If you do not know the name, then you can write “Dear Hiring Mangar” or something similar.

You can also call the company and ask who the letter is to address.

Drafting the Body of the Letter

Show your objective. In the first paragraph, you should recognize that you are applying for a job. Identify the job and how you came to know about it. Also tell that you believe you are qualified.

For example, you can write: “I am writing to apply for the status of customer service on the U.S.A cell phone, which was advertised on I believe that I have the necessary experience and skills to make a great employee. “

If someone has recommended that you apply for a job, then include that information too. “Michael Art recommends that I Apply for the status of customer service on cell phones. After reviewing the job description, I believe that I am a good fit for your company.

Review job descriptions. Before describing your experience, you should pay attention to what special customer service the employer is experiencing. You want to make your experience according to the employer’s needs.

For example, an employer wants a person who can answer the phone and help customers troubleshoot problems. If possible, then you should highlight this experience in your cover letter.

Do not lie. If you do not do this, then you can not say that you have done something though, think roughly. An employer wants to process a credit card payment card to a customer service representative, which you have never done. However, you may have handled billing, which you can mention. When it comes to numbers, it will show you the detail.

Summarize your relevant work experience. The second paragraph should identify your experience in customer service. If you do not have a formal job experience, you can mention the volunteer experience. Stop what you have done in those jobs quickly.

For example, you can write, “I have a comprehensive customer service experience. Over the past five years, I have worked as a customer support expert in the technical industry, where I am responsible for monitoring, reviewing and updating client accounts. I have proved myself a strong team player, who communicates comfortably with a diverse range of customers. “

If you have only volunteer experience, then you can write something like this: “I have experience of entry level customer service from high school, when I voluntarily assisted in helping the principal’s office. For two years, I supported the staff, including answering the calls coming from the public. “

Provide more detail about your skills. In the third paragraph, you can develop your acquired skills in a little more detail, including soft skills like “listening” and “well with others”. Remember that do not reproduce your whole resume. However, you should hit high points. You can also say that you want a new job to develop these skills further.

For example, you can write: “As you can see from my resume, I have extensive experience in creating and maintaining customer relationships. In my current job, listening is important. I have to identify the problems, call the appropriate staff and troubleshoot customer complaints. To do my work well, I have learned to think on my feet and to handle many responsibilities. I would like to develop these skills in a company full time, which will allow me to move forward. “

Letter closing You should finish by telling us available for an interview and should be quick to listen to the recruitment manager soon. You can also tell the person how you can access it, such as by phone or email.

“Very honestly,” or “loyally”, and leave four rows. You will sign the space between the lines.

If you are sending the cover letter by email, you can write your name as an electronic signature.

Focus on any enclosure. You’ve probably started a resume with your cover letter. If so, pay attention to that fact under your signature.

You can type “attachment: resume”. If you are engaging other documents, then mention them as well.

Finalizing the Letter

Edit the letter. You want your cover letter to be informative but shortened. Simplify complex sentences and eliminate unnecessary words. Include transit words that make the letter easier to read.

Efforts for errors. Common errors include typos, grammatical errors, and missing words. If you do these mistakes, the hiring manager can easily leave your application in the “Reject” box. For this reason, look carefully at your letter.

Read the letter loudly. Often, you can hear a mistake, which is right above your eyes.

Read the letter backwards. Read the last sentence first, then read it first. This technique really forces you to focus on each individual sentence. You can find so many mistakes in this way.

Ask a friend to read the letter. Another pair of eyes can catch mistakes.

Print the letter. Print on 8.5×11 Ivory Paper. Unless your letterhead is on it, you do not have to use heavy stock papers. Ideally, you should use the same type of paper for both your resume and cover letter.

Check the paper to make sure there is no smuggling. Also make sure the print is quite deep.

Mail the letter. Remember to include your resume with the letter and send it in the business-size envelope. If you are sending other documents – such as writing samples – you may want to send it in a big envelope so that you can not turn anything around.

When you email a cover letter, you should include your name and job title in the subject line. For example, “Micah Jones – Customer Support POSITION.” The main part of your email will start with Hello.

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