How to Write a Cleaning Bid

A clean job quote emphasizes the scope of a cleaning project and estimates the cost of completion. The cleaning bid can either be for residential or business jobs, and both material and labor requirements should be kept in mind. Follow these steps to write a clean bid.

Define your charging method. You can charge per hour, or per work charge. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are:

Charging by hour. This method is good for customers who want to pay for your services because they are necessary, and it enables you to provide quick cleaning job quotes quotes to customers who may not need your services regularly is. For example, if a customer wants to hire you for 4 hours before cleaning a basement area before remodeling, you can easily provide a quotation based on the time limit. The drawbacks of charging by hour are that some jobs may be more labor intensive than others, or it may take more time than your consent, it is important that you either work before completing a job Contact the customer for a large fee, or complete the job for less than what you normally charge. In addition, when you write a clean bidding that contains hourly rate for an indefinite period of time (i.e. until the job is completed), then you have no way of knowing what you do It may be difficult to estimate your monthly earnings.

By scoffing at the job When writing a clean bidding based on per work, you are able to determine your income before starting a job, and your customers can work at an exact cost in their budget. It is convenient to make a monthly income and expenditure plan for both parties. However, know that when you bid a flat fee for a recurring cleaning job, then there will be times when the job will take more time to complete, and there will be no additional compensation for you, and / or when It will take less time to complete the job, there is no refund for the customer.

Calculate at hourly rate. Whatever charging method you choose (per hour or by job), you have to find the base hourly rate to make cleaning bids. Calculate your hourly rate as follows:

Find out what your competition is. Call cleaning services in the vicinity and get a clean job bid from each of them. In this way, you can establish a high and low level of hourly charges for cleaning in your area.

Do research on the life cost of your area. Consider the average income of the area; If you live in a metro area, you will be able to charge at a higher end in contrast to the less populated rural area, where you will not have the opportunity to charge that much.

Include the cost of cleaning materials and products in your hourly charge. If you choose not to use your own cleaning supplies, but are customers, then at least add the average cost of things like gloves, clothes, paper towels and rags.

transportation. Factors in the cost of gas to travel from your cleaning jobs

Assess the job you are writing for. Bring a checklist with you to bid for appointments and go to the job nuances with the customer, to ensure that there is a full understanding of the job. Account for:

Work includes. The basic housekeeping duties required to complete the work are covered, including sweeping, drilling, vacuuming, laundry, washing utensils, laundry, disinfecting, arranging cupboards, cleaning refrigerators, extracting garbage, furniture Things like polishing and cleaning glass.

Size and layout. Note the square footage of the space, as well as the hard floor, bathroom and pool / deck number or the amount of carpeting in the outer areas.

Conditions that combine the specificity and / or difficulty of a job. If job requires extraordinary labor-intensive tasks or to work in a stressful or dangerous environment, you can increase your cleaning job’s bid to compensate. For example, if you are asked to clean tile graft, or you are asked to work in the house with many small dogs, then you can make extra efforts accordingly.

Use the information collected from your cleaning bid appointment to determine how many hours you will be able to complete this task. To get the amount you should take for cleaning work, multiply that number by the hourly rate.

Prepare a bid draft to give to the customer. Include in your bid description about the job amount in the bid amount (works, size / layout and circumstances), estimated time and hourly charge for completing the job (if charged per hour), cleaning schedule and total amount You will charge the customer for the cleaning work.

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