How to Use VoIP

VoIP, or “Voice Over Internet Protocol”, may be the next revolutionary wave in the IT sector. But how many of us consumers really know how efficient use of VoIP technology is, the latest thing in the city?

Find out which of the three categories of people you call: ATA, IP phone and computer-to-computer.

Optimization with an ATA or analog telephone adapter. This is the most common way to use VoIP. This adapter actually allows you to hook up the phone, which is already in your house for your internet connection. What ATA does, triggers a normal analog signal that sends your average home phone to a digital signal that can be sent over the Internet. Installing an ATA is simple: order an ATA, plug the cord from your phone (one that you normally plug into a wall socket) in ATA, and then an internet cord from the ATA in your router or internet connection. . If you do not have a router then you also have an ATA that can do the same for you. Some ATASs include software that has to be installed on your computer before it is ready to use, but basically it is a simple process.

Convert IP to Phone. The IP phone looks like a normal phone, which has all the same buttons and palettes. The only difference is that instead of being a normal wall jack connector, there is an Ethernet connector in it. Therefore, instead of plugging your IP phone into the wall jack (like a regular analog phone), you plug it directly into your router. This option allows you to have more options such as keeping the call on hold and working just like any of the office phones you have used. The only difference is that the calls are going on the internet instead of the normal internet line. This also means that you will not need ATA because it is built in all phones. Apart from this, with the availability of Wi-Fi IP phones, subscribers can call VoIP from any Wi-Fi hot spot. All these features make IP Phone a very exciting option.

If you want an intercom office extension in your home, or other countries, this is the way.

Try it now with a computer-to-computer call. These calls are completely free with some service, which means that no calling plan is required. The only thing you need is software (which can be found on the internet for free), a good internet connection, a microphone, a speaker and a sound card. Except for your monthly internet service fee, which service you choose, there is actually no cost to make these calls, no matter how much you make. However, in most cases you will be able to call only those people with whom you have only one computer-to-computer calling service.
Understand that with any of these VoIP “phones”, if your internet goes down, your phone goes down. 911 is affected, also.

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