How to Use Twitter in an Emergency

Keeping in touch with loved ones, work colleagues and others becomes the top priority during the emergency. If the landline phone is dead and even your cell phone is not working, it could be because everyone is overloading the system, using text messaging on Twitter is one of those people Solutions can be done whose friends and family networks can be online. Tap right away. The beauty of Twitter is its brevity and if you are already using your words, then Twitter may be the option to share emergency information only for you.

Understand how you can send tweets to Twitter.

You do not need to be on the computer; You can send messages through your cell phone and its SMS / texting functions. You will need to enable your cell phone’s ability to receive Twitter updates via text message. Once done, it becomes another method for adding tweets to you, wherever you are in the range.

Establish your Twitter account.

If you are already a Twitter follower and have a group of followers, with whom you regularly exchange tweets, you will be in the best position of all to make good use of the account in the event of an emergency .

Be comfortable with making tweets.

The drill is 140 characters or less, containing spaces and symbols. Once you have tried it for enough time, you will get a meaningful message in a few words. To help you quickly increase the message, also learn briefly. For example, “Bus Accident. I’m fine, but road is blocked. Whenever you want to go home; Police here tkg st / ts.”

Encourage friends and family to follow you on Twitter, so they know that if you are able to use it during an emergency, they can find you on Twitter. Encourage friends to follow friends too. 

Twitter is a community and people will soon spread the message to help try to find someone who is actually able to respond and give feedback.

Tell your intentions to friends, colleagues and family to use Twitter in an emergency, where this option is open to you. 

If things happen and you are included in it, then alert them to see your twitter feed. This will also help them alert the concerned officials of your intention to tweet during the emergency.

Don’t ever be afraid to use hashtags.

Hashtags are keywords that people use to easily search for a specific word.

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