How to Use HOTorNOT

This is a guide that will tell how quickly and securely a new person / person gets online.

Go to HOTORNOT – More than 20,500,000 photos are presented there, so you are more than likely to find yourself a friend.

Choose to submit your picture.

Enter your personal details accurately, if you make a mistake in your email address, you may be denied access.

Upload your photo. Most sites allow you to use your webspace (HOTORNOT allows you to upload a photo free) and your photos will be easily uploaded, although some affordable sites may require hosting somewhere else, You can use Imageshack for this. You now have your original HOTORNOT profile, and people can rate your look. You can log in to your HOTORNOT account and view your rating.

Set up the “Meet Me” feature, where your profile (a photo, a little writing about yourself and some keywords) will be visible to members of the general public.

It’s easy to sign up for Metea because it’s the same as signing up for the original rating – so there’s no worry here.

After signing up for the weather, you can either browse through other profiles or wait to find others. To find yourself a friend, just enter your account and click on “Meet New People”

Once you find the person you want to meet, just click on “Yes” above their picture. The next time they log in, they will be told that you are interested in them, if they also click Yes for you, you will be able to send notes to each other.

After getting the yes from your chosen person, you can go to your account, click on “View my double match” and send a note / email to your new friend.

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