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Aloe is a new online social networking site created by a group of artists and designers. What sets Alo apart from Facebook, its clean black-white interface. It prides itself on the ad’s release, and none of the posts you share on Aloe will be sent to advertisers. As of October 8, 2014, Aloe is still in beta status. However, if you have already received an invitation and signed up for Aloe, then you can be one of those who used it first!

Logging into Ello

Go to Ello. Visit from any web browser.

Join Aloe. Once you receive the invitation code, you can join the Elo community. Create your account and set up your profile.

Refer to this article for more information about signing up for Aloe.

Log in from Aloe’s main page, click on the “Login” link in the top right corner.

You will be brought to the login page. Type your email address and password in the field provided.

Click on the “Enter Ello” button to proceed.

Arrive on the landing page. You will be brought to, which is the aloe’s landing page. This is your wall or timeline where all your posts will appear and where all your friends’ activities will be displayed.

Completing Your Ello Profile and Settings

Go to Settings. To use settings, click the gear icon from the header menu (left panel). You will be brought to your profile and settings page.

Upload header image. This is like the cover photo of Facebook, and will appear above your aloe page. Scroll to the top of the page, and drag and drop the photo into the photo box from your computer for the header image.

The recommended image size is 1800 x 1013 pixels, so choose your photo and keep in mind while cropping!

The uploaded header image will immediately appear at the top of your page.

Upload an avatar. This will be your profile photo and will be linked to all your posts within the alo. To upload, find the photo circle on the left side of your header image. Then, drag and drop a photo from your computer into the circle.

The recommended size is 340 x 340 pixels, so keep in mind that when you are choosing your avatar photo!

The uploaded image will immediately fill the photo circle. Now you have an Aloe incarnation!

Fill in your profile. Under the Profile section, you will see a form with many fields. Fill out the data you want to share. Note that with the exception of your email address, anyone can view Aloe, so keep in mind that while you are sharing your information.

Input your username, email address, name, a short bio and some personal link or URL.

Configure your settings. Scroll down a bit until you see the Settings section. You have three toggling options: Public Profile, Comments, and Analytics. Each of these options has a Yes / No button.

If you want to see your profile for users outside Elo, click on the “Yes” button for public profile.

If you want to allow others to comment on your post, click on the “Yes” button for comments.

If you want to collect anonymous information about your trips, click the “Yes” button for Analytics.

Configure your notifications. At the bottom of the page, you will see the Notifications section. These settings control what types of notifications you get from Elo. There are three options that you can toggle: comments, suggestions and new followers. Each of these options has a Yes / No button.

If you want a comment on your post, click on the “Yes” button for notification of email.

If you want to receive an email notification mentioned in another user’s post, then click the “Yes” button for Mention.

If you want to receive email notifications, then click the “Yes” button while others follow you.

Building Your Ello Network

Search for friends. To start building your social network on Aloe, you have to find your friends. On the left menu header menu, click on the people icon for “Discover”. The task of allo is to search for people on the Discover Network.

On top of the right panel there is a big text “Search.” Enter a part of a friend’s name or username for search.

All matching results will be listed below.

Add to Friends list. Aloe will allow you to arrange your friends in two groups: friends and noise. Those people you like to listen to and whose posts you want to see on your wall, they should be kept under a friend. All other “noise” will be.

After finding your friend on Aloe, click on the “Friend” button next to her name to add her to your Friends list.

Add to noise list. If you have a contact you do not necessarily like to follow or whose posts you do not want to see, but you want to be a “friend” you can put it in noise.

After finding a friend, click on the “Noise” button with the name of her to add it to your list of noise.

View Friends. You can see all the people under your Friends list by clicking on the “Friends” button on the left panel. You can see all your friends listed with their related avatar.

An avatar hover to see the friend’s aloe username. Usernames begin with “@”.

See people in the noisy list. You can also click on the “Noise” button on the left panel to see all those people that you have tagged under the Noise List.

Like the Friends list, all people here will be listed with their respective avatars.

Viewing Ello Users’ Pages

Select one of your lists. Click on any one of your friends or noise list, and select a friend to see from there.

Click on the person’s avatar to go to your page.

Select another user. You can also see other people’s pages, even if they are not on your list. You can search them using Discovery from the left panel header menu, or you can find them under a friend’s list or page.

Again, click on the person’s avatars or user names to visit their page.

View Post. Once you come to another user’s page, you can scroll up or down to see all its posts.

At the bottom of each post, a time stamp is placed. By seeing the timestamp, you will know how old the post is.

Identify the number of hits of the post. Every post is being tracked. You can determine how many times a post has been seen by the number of hits. This number is displayed right next to the time stamp, with an icon.

View comments on a post. By default, all comments are hidden. However, if user comments are enabled, then all comments on the given post will be seen by clicking on three black dots with the number of hits. All comments will be shown.

Comments are identified by the incarnation of the user and commenting person.

Leave a comment on a post. If you have something to add or comment on a post, then click the black dialog box next to your avatar at the top of the list of comments. A gray text field will appear where you can type your comment.

Click on the right pointing arrow to submit your comment. It will appear immediately at the top of the list of comments.

Leave a message on the user’s wall. At the top of the user’s page, you will find your avatar with a black dialog box. Click on this black box to expand it to become a yellow text field. Type your message or post into this text field.

Once done, click the arrow on the right to post it. Your message will immediately appear on the user’s page.

Posting on Your Own Wall

Visit your page Click on the black circle with the smile icon on the left panel. This will bring you to your page.

Post a message. At the top of your page is your own avatar with a black dialog box. To create a gray text field, click on the black box to expand it. Type your message here and click on the arrow indicating the right to post it.

Your message will immediately appear on your page.

Post a photo. You can also post a photo with your message. Click on the black dialog box to expand it. Just below it, click on the square icon for “Upload” and double-click on the photo from your computer and double-click on it.

Selected photos will be uploaded to your post. You can see the picture inside the dotted box.

Click the arrow on the right to post it. Your picture will appear immediately on your page.

Tag people in your posts. You can tag other Aloe users with any other posts or comments, such as “@elo”, by adding your alo username to “@”.

When you tag people in a post, it will also appear on their page.

Edit a post. If you want to edit the post you created on your wall, go to the exact post and click on the pencil icon below it. Your post will appear inside a gray text field and you can edit it from there.

Once done, click on the arrow on the right to update your post. You can see the post immediately updated on your page.

Delete a post. If you want to delete a post made on your wall, go to the exact post and click on the small box of “x”. Your post will be immediately deleted from your page.

Inviting Your Friends

Invite your friends. Aloe is still the only invitation (as of October 8, 2014). However, there are five invitation codes in each existing account that they can use to share Aloe with friends. On the header menu of the left panel, click the plus icon for the invite. You will be brought to the invitation page.

Generate Invitation Code. To be able to connect with your friend Aloe, they will need an invitation code. This invitation code can come from Ello or any Ello user. Click on the “Generate Invitation Code” button to generate your invitation code.

Copy the invitation code. An invitation code would appear where the button used to be. Highlight the whole text and copy it.

Share invitation code. Now you can send this invitation code to your friends in your email, Facebook, Twitter, IM client or any other communication medium.

You can also enter an email address on the provided box and click on the “Invite” button to send an email to your friend with the invitation code.
Wait to accept your friend. Once they create their own profile, you will show them in their friend list and vice versa!

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