How to Use a Self Service Car Wash

Self-service car wash is a cheap, effective way to clean your car thoroughly. Most self service stations are relatively similar and easy to use If you reach the station with enough cash or change, as well as have a basic understanding of the different settings of self service station, then you will be able to give deeper cleaning to your car less than several dollars in comparison to automated stations . More control over the quality of cleanliness.

Setting Up

Park your car in an empty bay. The area of Gulf Self Service Station is where you are washing your car. Park your car in the center of the bay. After parking your car, make sure you have enough room to walk around the car. If necessary, adjust your park’s job.

Remove the floor mat from the interior of your car. If your floor mats are made of rubber or plastic, take them out of the car and set them against the wall so that you can clean them with spray wands. If your matte is made of carpets, or if you do not clean them then skip this step.

Find out the spray stick. The spray wands will be connected to a stand inside the bay. Pick a stick, and make sure it can reach around your car. If you are having difficulty reaching some areas, then retrieve your parking job.

To use the spray wand, you will remove the tip from yourself and will press the handle or trigger under the nozzle. By doing so, the water pressure stream will turn out.

Introduce yourself with sprayer settings. Most self-wash machines offer between 3-5 different spray settings that can be used throughout the cleaning. Check the machine to determine which settings are available, and to determine how much time you will need for each setting.

Most basic machines include three settings – wash, soap, and rinse – while more advanced machines include pre-wash and wax settings.

Set the dial to “Wash” or “Pre-Wash” settings. Make sure the dial on the machine is facing the right setting for the start of washing your car. If your car is covered with dirt or debris, choose the option of the “pre-wash” setting. Otherwise, start with a dial pointing to the “Wash” setting.

Put money in the machine. Self-service car wash are time-bound, and the amount you are involved matches the length of time your car washed. Your car wash will start immediately after your payment, so be prepared quickly.

The cost of most self-service car washes between $ 2-5 depending on your car’s position.

If the machine does not say how many minutes you get for your money, start with a small amount of change (like $ 0.75). If you need more time later you can always add more quarters to the machine.

Come ready with cash or change. While some self service stations accept credit cards, many will only take cash or coins for payment.

Stand 3-5 feet away from your car while using a spray stick. If you are very close, then the high pressure section can harm your vehicle. Similarly, avoid shooting high pressure spray directly in the engine bay.

Washing Your Car

Rinse your car with a spray stick. Keep the spray away from your body, and squeeze the handle to leave a high-pressure water stream. Take a full lap around the car, and spray the entire vehicle to remove surface dirt and debris.

If you are using pre-wash settings, switch to wash after making your first lap around the car. Once you switch to wash, take another full adoption before going to the next step.

Wash your car from top to bottom. Doing this will ensure that when you complete each phase of your wash, the dirty water will be completely washed away from your vehicle.

Do not forget about your floor matte. If you have chosen to remove your floor mat, make sure that you are washing them at each stage of washing the car and washing them. Since they are not connected to the body of the car, it is easy to forget about them.

Apply soap to your car with a spray stick. Turn the machine from wash to soap. When you pull the handles on a spray stick, a soap section should start spraying with a stick. Take another lap around your car to blow your entire car with Sood.

Rinse the foam brush with a spray stick. After applying soap in your car, you want to exchange your spray wands for foam spray, which should be kept in a reception near the service machine. Brush can be grit, sand and sludge with previous use, so make sure to rinse the foam brush before using it on your car. To do this, change the settings to rinse the machine with soap, and use spray wands to rinse brush’s bristles. When you finish the ringing, return the spray wand to its holder by the machine.

Scan your car with foam brush. Hold the brush by the handle, and use Bristles to apply soaps in the body of the vehicle to clean your car completely. As you clean up, adopt several foam around your car with a foam brush. If you allow the foam to sit on the car for a long time without scratching, then a film will develop on your car. To avoid this, do not keep in the long lap with the foam brush that is best to take a quick adoption around the car.

Pay special attention to your wheel bay. There is too much dirt and frozen dirt in wheels, so give them a solid cleaning with a foam brush. Use a spherical buffing speed while handling the brush for best results in dirty construction of segments.

Rinsing and Drying

Use spray wands to rinse all the vices from your car. When you finish scrubbing, do the business of foam brushes for spray wands, and take a lap around your car and rinse all the soap from your car. It’s best to work quickly to stop a soap film from developing on your car.

Make sure the rinse machine is on the setting.

At this point, if a movie has evolved anywhere on your car, then erase it with a rag and rinse the area well.

Wax your car. If the wax setting is available at the station, take a final adoption around your car with a spray stick to apply a good layer of wax to your vehicle’s body. It will help in sealing the body’s clean surface while preserving the paint with dirt and salt.

Do not wax the floor mats.

If the “Wax” setting is unavailable, then go directly to the next step.

Return the spray wands. At this point, you end by using the spray wand, so it’s time to return to the place where you found it at the station.
Dry your floor mat. If you have opted to wash your floor mat, make sure to dry them well with a rug or towel before returning them to the interior of the car.

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