How to Use a Matchmaking Service

When choosing a service, make sure to ask questions about their origin from the company, if they require their matchmakers to qualify, and if they can provide references. Once you choose a company, you will usually have to submit an application online and schedule an in-interview. Review the matches found by you for the company and set a date. Make sure the company knows how the date went.

Choosing a Service

Try a personalized service. With this type of service, matchmakers get face-to-face with their customers. Match-makers with their face-to-face meetings know the personality of their customers. Compared to customer-driven or algorithmic services, full-service, in -person in-match making companies are more expensive.

This type of service can range from $ 5000 to $ 50,000 and above.

These services usually include pre-date guidance and post-date feedback.

If you have specific religious, cultural or sexual preferences, choose a niche service.

Ask about the origin of the company. Ask how the company started and how long they have been in business. Also inquire about the Company’s Better Business Bureau rating.

In addition, see how the company defines success – is it a marriage or relationship that lasted for a year?

See if matchmakers are qualified or not. While matchmakers do not require certification, some of them do. Ask the company whether their matchmakers are certified or trained. If they are trained, ask about the training process.

For example, “What is the training process and how long is it?” And “Is it a formal procedure for customers to submit complaints about matchmakers?”

Ask for references from former customers. If a company does not provide references, then refer to it as a red flag. High-quality services should be ready to provide references from former customers. Contact the customer and ask them about their previous experiences with the company.

In addition, see if you can get references from the client who is currently using the company’s services.

Becoming a Client

Submit online application. This is the first step of the screening process. This is usually a long application that asks a detailed question about your demographics, background and relationship status. You also have to give a picture.

In many high-quality services, there is a screening process in which an online application, a background check and an individual interview.

Set up an interview. If your online application is accepted, then the company will schedule a person-interview with you. The interviewer will ask questions more deeply about your background, personality and what you are looking for in a potential partner.

The agency can ask, “What is your ideal holiday?” “How do you usually spend your Saturday morning?” “What is your ideal date?” And “What qualities do you value most in a person?”

Be sure to answer the interviewer’s questions honestly so that the service can identify matches that meet your needs and expectations.

Accept the membership package. Matchmaking services usually have different types of membership packages that you can choose from. Generally, the number of dates offered by difference between packages, or service month, agree to work with you, as well as the types of services offered with the package. Once you decide on a package, you will pay a flat fee.

For example, you can pay $ 1,000 for four pre-arranged dates, which may include counseling or guidance services.

If you decide to cancel your membership, you may be able to get a full or partial refund, however, it depends on the terms and conditions of the service.

Make a connection with Matchmaker. A good matchmaker will make you feel comfortable and hopeful. They should have a sincere desire to understand your preferences and find the best possible match for you. They should also presently mention the number of their potential candidates. Use interview to ask matchmaker questions about their services and personal success, such as:

“Since when have you been working with the company?”

“What qualities do you bring to help your success?”

“Will you fulfill my potential matches for me?”

“How big is your pool of potential candidates?”

Getting Matched

Review your matches. You can be contacted within one week, or it may take longer to find potential matches for you in the service. Once the match is found, you will be notified. Then review the match information and consent (or not) to set the date.

Depending on the service, men may need to contact the woman to set a date.

Go On A Date. For the first date, choose a meeting place that is comfortable and comfortable. This will help to reduce any worries about your first date. Be sure to compromise about the place and time for the date.

Your service can act as a primary contact and you can set the date for the first date, i.e. location and meeting time.

Tell the agency how it happened. After your first date, contact the agency and give them some feedback. Tell them how the match reaches your expectations. Also tell them what you like or dislike about the process and service.

Always be alert for your service, if something in your application has changed then they can adjust accordingly.

Set another date. If you are interested in seeing a person for another time, tell your agency. They will contact you for that person so that they also want to go to the second date. If the person agrees with another date, the agency can pre-order the date for you, or you can contact the person yourself so that he can set the date.

If the date is not correct, then tell the agency and they will set another date with another person.

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