How to Tweet Using Native SMS Services

If you do not have a data plan on the board, and sometimes you do not get a data plan to use Twitter, tweeting using the Twitter app can be expensive, so read this article!

Register for your Twitter account. If you already have one, you can skip this step.

Visit the Twitter website ( and click on the drop down menu of your profile.

Find Settings. Click on the Mobile button.

Select your country and service provider

Click the Start button.

Go to your phone and type in the verification code specified on the screen.

You got it! Try sending one tweet to test your Twitter SMS service.

Remember the following Twitter commands

FOLLOW: Start following a user

UNFOLLOW: Stop following a user.

ON /OFF: Turn all tweet notifications on or off.

GET: Shows you the latest tweet from any user

RETWEET: Retweet a user’s latest tweet

FAVORITE: Favorite a user’s latest tweet

DM: Send a direct message to a user.

Every text except commands that you send to Twitter will be considered a tweet, so try sending a tweet now!

To get the text for the DMs, click on the phone icon on the user’s page and the tweets of the users you want to inform, when it gets green, it is turned on. When it is white, then it is closed.

You’re done! Congratulate yourself.

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