How to Tutor Writing

It is no wonder that writing a tut is in such a demand – writing is an important educational skill, and coaching is often the best way to become a better writer for a student. In the form of a writing, it is important that you notice and submit to the powers while doing an unwanted assessment so far in a way of improvement areas. Also make sure that the student does his own work – do not do it for him.

Does the student explain to you paper topic and identify any problem that he thinks his paper can be.

Avoid writing on student paper. Hold the paper and share it with you.

Do not edit. Often, students will submit a paper to a writing tutor and say, “edit it for me.” But if you do this, then you do not help your student to learn. Instead of offering to teach him to edit, offer to teach.

Teach example with examples. If you have not ever seen one, then it is difficult to write an effective conclusion. Show the student some good papers on related topics so that he can know where he is working.

Start by encouraging students to brainstorm ideas and get them on paper. You can also take notes when you brainstorm it.

After brainstorming, help her in order to organize her paper. Ask him to identify which ideas go together.

After writing a draft by the student, start the sentence-level editing process. Encourage them to identify their errors and show how to improve the style guides.

Remind students that many drafts are required. The first draft does not “get a great writer”!

If a student has many grammatical errors, take time to teach the theory of grammar behind the mistake.

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