How to Test Your Internet Before Calling Your Broadband Provider

How to Test Your Internet Before Calling Your Broadband Provider

This eMinds CA teaches you how to test the strength of your Internet connection to keep as much information as possible before contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Before running a speed test on your internet connection, you should test your computer and internet equipment to ensure that you are not suffering from hardware related problems.

Testing Your Hardware

Have a soft reset on your modem. The easiest way to do this is to unplug your router and modem from your respective power sources, wait at least 30 seconds, and then plug them back in.

There is also a good time to make sure that the modem is connected to the Internet connection, connection to the router modem, and any other connection. Loose connections can cause significant problems of the Internet.

Try connecting to another computer, smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi. If you can not do your computer then you can get a separate item to connect to Wi-Fi, the problem is most likely to be with your computer and not the Internet, which means that your ISP is most likely the situation Will not be able to address.

Connect your computer directly to the modem. You will use Ethernet cable by pluging one end of the ethernet cable into your computer and on the other end behind the modem.

You may have to separate the Ethernet cable connecting the modem and router first.

Most modern Mac computers do not have Ethernet ports, so you’ll need a USB-C adapter to connect Mac to the modem.

Check your Internet connection. If you are normally able to use the Internet, both your modem and computer are working.

If you can not connect to the Internet, your modem or your computer may be at fault.

Connect your computer to the router and check your connection again. You will do the same with Ethernet cable. If your computer works with router, then your internet issues may include the ability to broadcast the router.

If your computer does not work with the modem, then skip this step.

If your computer works with the modem but does not work with the router, then the router must be replaced.

If you had to unplug the router from the modem first, first attach it to your computer before attempting to connect it to the router.

Try connecting a different computer to your modem and router. In the event that your computer does not work with modem and / or router, you can reduce the problem by trying to connect to a different computer. If your computer is not connected, but the second will, then there is a possibility of a problem with your computer.

If you can not find two separate computers to connect to the modem or router, then the most likely of the device problem.

Running a Speed Test

Set the proposed speed of your internet connection. When you buy an internet package, the package should have “Mbps” number (e.g., 25); This is your internet speed proposed. By testing the actual speed of your internet, you can determine whether you are getting the value of your money or not.

If you are unable to connect to the Internet due to faulty modem / router, then you have to first change your equipment. The ISP will usually change the leased modem for free.

Connect the computer to your Wi-Fi or modem. If you are able to use Wi-Fi, then do so – it will give you the most realistic assessment of how fast your internet is. If your computer can not connect to Wi-Fi, however, you can use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the modem.

Open Google. Go to in any browser.

Search for Google Speed Test. Type in the Speed Test and press Enter to do this. You should see the Google Speed Test Box at the top of the search results.

Click on Run Speed Test. This is a blue button on the bottom-right of the Google Speed Test Box. Google will start determining your download and upload speed.

Wait for the trial to finish. Once you see a figure in both the “Mbps Download” section and the “Mbps Upload” section, you can continue.

Compare the test results of the proposed speed of your Internet connection. If you see that both figures match (or get closer) to your purchased speed, then your internet is performing well; However, if you see a significant difference between what you are receiving and what you are paying, then you have to call your ISP immediately.

Providing the ISP with the details of the test can help them tell a reason.

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