How to Test Pinging Services with Xmlrpc‐Test

How to Test Pinging Services with Xmlrpc‐Test

Pinging services are used by websites to inform new content search engines. If you want Google or Yahoo to quickly index a new post on your blog, it is advisable to use one or several ping services.

A fresh installation of WordPress is using only Ping-O-Mattic by default. You can get many lists with lots of pinging services, but many of them are usually old. If you want to use them, then you have to make sure that they are alive.

This tutorial will show you a method to test the availability of ping services by using the xmlrpc-test-tool. This tool can be used to test any XML-RPC server, but this tutorial focuses specifically on testing ping services.

Go to the online xmlrpc-test-tool.

In “XMLRPC-Server” field enter the service URL to be tested.

In “custom method” field enter “”. It is case sensitive, so write it exactly as shown.

Click on “send”. In the output region you’ll see the response.

Look at the “Response” area.

If you see a “missing weblog URL” in response, the pinging service is alive. This means that the command is understood but the required parameters are missing. This response is sufficient for our purpose.

For any other response or any reaction, the tested service is not alive.

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