How to Support Mozilla on Mozilla Service Week

How to Support Mozilla on Mozilla Service Week

Want to make a change in the modern cyber world? If you voluntarily try, then a better world will be created. Grab your Firefox browser well because you will need it.

Find out the when the service week will occur.

Know Mozilla Manifesto. The goals of the fans of Mozilla and Mozilla are:

Creating a software that allows everyone to access the internet.

Empowering people to do new and unpredictable things on the web.

Promote a healthy ecosystem for open source and free culture communities.

Creating learning opportunities for people around the world.

Protecting the person’s safety and privacy when online.

Chanting thoughts on how you can participate in the Mozilla service week. Being creative will get attention. Here are the suggestions of Mozilla:

Teach seniors to use the web.

Show a non-profit to use social networking to develop the basis of your supporters.

Help establish a wireless network in a school.

Create web how-to content for the library’s computer cluster.

Refurbish the hardware for a local computer center.

Update a non-profit organization’s website

Teach other public benefit organizations the value of the open web.
Get ready. Create and plan your ideas and plan. Think carefully and make sure that you have the best process. You want to take help of your friends.

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