How to Successfully Use Dating Websites (Men)

How to Successfully Use Dating Websites (Men)

Trouble meeting women online? Why here!

Take a nice photo of yourself. Avoid images with mirrors-selfie crowds of friends, holding pictures of your shots and middle fingers (it’s actually immature). A well lit, close shot that is lately possible, and smile.

Do not use chat speaking. “U” and “R” are letters, not words. Many women find intelligent intelligence.

Use the relevant conversation starters. “Hey” or “Hi how are you?” Message like Are going to have interesting conversations. Ask open-ended questions and comment on something you find interesting in his profile. Try to leave even conservative short questions.

Telling someone that she is very beautiful, she will not make her like her. So, focus on her personality, and when you actually meet the person, save her praise.

Make sure your profile summary is honest, interesting, but not too long. Share your interests, describe your personality and keep it positive. There is no difference between what you dislike, past experiences, or pre-girlfriends.

If he is not interested then do not take it personally. Not all women say it unfortunately, unfortunately, but there are always more fishes in the sea.
Avoid being scary. Do not give your number after ten minutes of exchanges. Also try to avoid asking them to get out immediately. Give him a chance to know you and feel comfortable enough so that you can be a face-to-face face

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