How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

How to Start Your Own Cleaning Business

Starting a cleaning business can help you generate revenue quickly. Cleaning businesses are also flexible. They can run on part-time or full-time basis and may even be based out of your home. If you decide to start a cleaning business, then there are some things you should know to increase your chances of success.

Defining your Business

Set your target market. Cleaning businesses usually target one of two markets: either commercial or consumer. Commercial services target businesses. Consumer-based services target individual residences. You should decide which market you will focus on.

Cleaning services with consumer target markets usually include window cleaners or maids which clean individual homes.

Cleaning services with commercial target markets usually include janitor services. They sometimes offer more services than maid services, such as cleaning the carpet.

Some cleaning businesses market for a niche client within a target market. You should define what kind of customers you will be looking for. For example, commercial cleaning services need to decide if they are serving small businesses or big companies.

Depending on your budget, it may be a good idea to start small so that you can clean yourself and grow in bigger projects because you can add more staff.

Decide whether to vote or not. You need to choose whether you want to run your cleaning business independently or as part of a franchisee There are advantages and disadvantages of choosing any route.

The franchisee will give you some marketing support. They will provide guidance on starting a business, so if you do not run a business before, they can be helpful at the front end. They will give you guidelines and support, so that you do not have to do much research on the market. You already have a proven brand.

However, over time, you will invest more money in a franchisee. If you are free, you can choose your services, names and formulas.

Get the right license and permit. If your state requires one, then you have to get a state business license. You may need another permit based on the community where your business is located.

Contact the business office of the state where your company’s headquarters will be for determining which state’s permit or license is required.

You should contact the business office in your local city, village or town hall so that it can be asked which permit is required and to ensure that you are following all zoning rules. For things like Signage you may need to get a permit.

Follow all IRS rules. You need to submit some paperwork to start a business with the Federal Internal Revenue Service.

Apply for an employee identification number with the IRS. You can do this online. This is the number that will be used to identify your business.

Decide the structure of the business unit that you are trying to build. For example, would your business be the sole proprietorship or corporation? The only ownership is the business you are running. It is probably a good idea to consult a tax lawyer for advice on various types of business structures.

Ensure that you have all the employees filling the appropriate tax form.

Define your business name. One of the most important things you can choose the right name. This way customers will know your brand.

It is wise to choose a name that is very literal, like “professional cleaning service” with your last name or something like that. Choosing a vague or cute name will probably close professional clients.

Ensure that the name of your business is not similar to other cleaning services in the area.

Choose whether to run your business outside your home or not. It is possible to run a cleaning service from your home. Because unlike many businesses, with a cleaning service, customers do not come to your home; You go to their (or their business).

To ensure that you can have business activities in your home, see the Zoning Ordinance in the halls of your city, city or village. Running a business outside your home can be banned by a local ordinance or just a ban on business issues such as traffic and signage.

If you choose a business location, it can help you to make your business brand with Signage. However, it does not make any sense to pay for a key place for those customers who are not actually in the business. So focus more attention on having enough work space for things like repair equipment.

Getting your Finances Ready

Make a budget. You will need some money on the front end to start cleaning company. For example, you will need to buy equipment.

You may be able to get traditional financing to start your business. Lenders want to see a formal business plan, in which you can pull all the aspects of your business from financing and expenses to name, marketing plan and customer base simultaneously.

When determining your budget, include all expenses such as insurance, taxes, transportation expenses, cleaning supplies and so forth.

Develop a billing system. Will you work on credit? This can be more common when working with businesses. Specify when a bill is owed and there is no late payment. Use spreadsheets and accounting software to manage your budget. You may want to consider an investor who will contribute to the financial costs of the business.

Check to see if you qualify for government programs giving grants started by small businesses, especially minorities, women and veterans.

Open the business checking account. Contact an accountant, and decide whether you want to make a limited liability corporation or corporation to run your business.

Set your prices. Do research before setting your price. To determine how much you will charge from your customers, you need to find out your costs.

Evaluate how much you pay for labor and content. Turn on the cost of labor per hour.

The average cleaning rate that most cleaning services accumulate from customers is $ 75 for rural areas and $ 150 for urban areas. But it really depends on what the competition is charging, so make sure that you research what other cleaning companies are in the field charge.

Determine whether to charge at a flat rate or hourly rate. Generally cleaning services charge a flat rate. You need to consider the size of the house, how often you will be cleaning the property, and how many hours it will take to clean it.

Occasionally cleaning services will charge a different rate for special projects or rooms. For example, cleaning the kitchen is more expensive than the bedroom, but it can be very complex. Along with very large houses, some services charge a square foot rate.

Determine how much you are paying for an overhead. For example, what is the cost of all your non-labor expenditures? Examples of overhead include payment of gas for your van or utilities and cleaning supplies. To know how much profit you want to earn.

Get Liability Insurance It is usually necessary for any business like cleaning service. You can get liability insurance through local insurance agents in your area.

Experts say that there is a good amount to get $ 500,000, but you should rely on the advice of a professional who can assess your specific business needs. The average cost of liability insurance for such business is approximately $ 500 a year.

Liability insurance is important in case of accident or damage during cleaning process.

You can also consider bonding insurance, which will protect you from problems with employees, such as stealing or not working properly.

Buy equipment. Cleaning companies require some start-up tools. The good news is that cleaning companies usually spend very little compared to other businesses.

Obviously, you need to buy cleaning supplies, such as mops, dusters, vacuum cleaners, and so on.

You will need a vehicle for your cleaning team. You can keep your company’s name in order to help you build the company’s brand. You will probably need a truck or van if your service watchman will display services.

Decide at the staff level. You can start with yourself or advertise for a couple of maids or checkpoints.

Try to save money wherever you can. For example, you can buy equipment that can do many things, such as steam cleaner which also works as a dry vacuum.

You can traditionally send online advertisements to newspapers or employees or you can use those sites where employees are seeking a job for cleaning.

Finding Customers

Use the word of mouth. Decide on the geographical area that you are serving before. Then find ways to tap into the local network where people will share information about your company in a positive way. This will help you find a customer.

Cleaning services trust many words. So take this word out through the network of your friends.

Provide special discounts to new customers and provide promotion. For example, you can base your exemption around the holidays.

Give your customers business cards and refrigerator magnets so they can recommend to your company friends.

Try Advertising. Consider traditional advertising in the newspaper, but do not forget about the more modern forms of advertising, such as the list of social media and internet sites such as Craig.

You should take advantage of free local methods to advertise, such as posting passengers on grocery store bulletin boards.

If you are looking for professional customers, then keep travelers in business parks. Join local business groups and commerce circles. Stay active in the business community.

Create a professional social media page for your company on Facebook and Twitter. You can create Facebook ads for relatively cheap and target them in the right demographic and geographic area.

Create a website. Having a website will make your company look more professional in addition to receiving more customers.

It is best to get a professional looking. You can ask a local college if they have a student intern who is qualified to do this for you.

You can include individual testimonials on your website.

Research Potential Customers. Once you shrink your geographical area, make a list of businesses in that area that can become potential customers.

Do not hesitate to reach out. Call each business office manager to offer your services.

Be prepared for a detailed presentation about your company and services in the event of your business becoming interested.

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