How to Start an Ironing Service

If you have an interest in ironing and have the skill, then one can be a great way to earn extra money. The investment in the equipment is minimal because you really only need a good iron and ironing board to start, but there are some other things to consider. To know how to start ironing service is right for you.

Make sure you have time and energy to work. Even if you enjoy ironing, ironing hundreds of clothes in a week is very different than just making your own iron. Think carefully about whether you will be able to keep it, and make sure that you have enough time to meet the demand for work from the ironing service of the house.

Together with your local government, find out which licenses you need to run your home business. If customers are coming to your home for pickup, then there may be zoning issues with parking and traffic. Unless you are doing too much, it should not be a problem.

Talk to a business consultant, lawyer or accountant. Learn how to start an ironing service, and decide whether you need to apply for Federal Tax ID. They can also show you how to handle taxes and establish your business.

Invest in equipment and supplies. You can get the best iron, as well as a backup in the event of breakdown. Get a clean, wide, strong ironing board. To keep the clothes ordery and ordery, you will need clothing racks and tags. A dryer with a steamer and a wrinkle removal can help remove heavy wrinkles from clothing before you iron it. To cover ready dresses, invest in bags of starch, wire hangers and plastic clothes. See the hangar cover or bag printed with your business name.

Choose a location. This is a job that can be done as a home business, but you can consider ironing your customers’ homes, or rent a place in a dry cleaner or a laundromat. Find a place in your home or office, where you can keep ironing boards and supplies and are ready to avoid taking extra time to prepare.

Decide whether to provide delivery service or not. If you choose this option, you will need a clean car, in which ironing cloth will have enough room to transport without wrinkles. Take the time to leave the clothes in your schedule. Removing clothes from many customers together on a pre-determined route can be helpful.

Talk to an insurance agent about liability insurance. If it is lost or damaged, then cover the cost to change the clothes of the customers. There is always a chance that the clothes will get spoiled or the customer will blame you for the loss which they did not see. Apart from this, it will cover losses, which can be caused by fire, theft or other losses while clothes are in your house.

Learn how to handle basic business functions for your work from home ironing service. You need to take care of billing, accounting, customer service and marketing.

The price of your service. Decide how much you want to make per hour. Think again how long each piece will take in iron. You can offer volume discounts, and you can add a fee for heavy wrinkles or special clothing and delivery. Ensure that the charge is attractive while providing enough benefits to keep your business occupied to your customers.
Advertise your service. You can place online advertising on Craigslist and local online classifieds. Place ads in your local paper. Hang the brochure on laundromat, dry cleaners, grocery stores and other businesses in your area.

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