How to Start A Resume Writing Service At Home

How to Start A Resume Writing Service At Home

The services of qualified resume writers are in demand, especially when the economy rebels from a recession, and more people start looking for work. If you have the experience of writing resumes, or are interested in becoming a certified resume writer, then there are opportunities to start a new career or to complement your current income. It is a work that can be easily done at home or anywhere. Get certified by introducing resume writing services at home, attracting customers and writing out the best resumes for those who hire you.

Determine whether this will be a full time business, or you will do anything other than your current job.

Make a place at home where you can work.

Use an extra bedroom or office space for your business. If you do not have a full room to dedicate your business, then find a corner in another room that can accommodate your desk, computer and other business needs.

Become a Certified Resume Writer There are many different certificates that can be obtained.

Study the requirements for each level of authentication and decide which one is suitable for you. The most common certifications are Certified Professional Resum Writer (CPRW) and Master Resum Writer (MRW).

Take continuing education classes to get the certificate. Credentials will help you find clients and jobs.

Start writing resumes. You must keep some resumes, which you can share with potential customers as an example of your work.

Write your resume. You want to make several editions, which can demonstrate your ability to write simple and complex resumes.

Write resumes for friends, family members and colleagues. This will give you practice and help you to make your portfolio.

Put together a portfolio. You must have a printed version along with a digital resume portfolio so that you can email your work samples upon request.

Install your business. Register yourself as a small business, and check any license or registration with your state secretary. The rules are different in every state.

Advertise your services. Boost yourself and your business.

Create a website. You can explain your services and your rates, and give potential customers information about you and your professional background. You can also share relevant information that can be interesting and useful to job seekers.

Partners with local staffing agencies. Most of them will have the number of customers who are seeking a job. If they want help with the resume then they can be ready to refer you to the people.

Make inexpensive marketing content like business cards and postcards. Stop these with colleges and business schools in your area. Many of the job seekers may need help with graduation and their resumption every year.

Look for work online. Thanks for the email and video chat, you can write resumes from home for anyone around the world.

Join professional associations. Two good people are Writers and Career Coaches of National Résumé Writers Association and Professional Association of Resume.

Use all the resources provided by these associations. For example, the National Résumé Writers Association maintains a database for its members and their information when people search for a resume writer to contact them.

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