How to Start a Mobile Kitchen Service

If you are looking for an opportunity to break into the food business and you want your customers to be able to visit them instead of waiting for you to come to you, then you may consider starting a mobile kitchen service. It is a viable way for an early entrepreneur to test the market before entering a traditional food business such as a cafe or a long lease in the restaurant. To understand how to start a mobile kitchen service, read the following steps.

Decide what type of food you want to sell in your mobile kitchen

A mobile kitchen service can offer different types of menu from hot dogs, French fries and popcorn to healthy soups, sandwiches and salads.

Keep in mind that there are space and equipment restrictions in a mobile kitchen service that will limit the types of foods you produce.

To gain an understanding of essential investment, inquire about the purchase or rental costs of the mobile kitchen unit.

Develop a business plan that outlines a mobile kitchen service, advertising, equipment and costs of starting supplies. In addition, describe how much you intend to reach your customers, what is your management plan and how much revenue you would expect in your first 2 years based on the profit margins of the food products you sell Are.

Need to start service of investment kitchen by applying for a business loan from your bank or asking for funding from private investors.

Apply for the necessary license and permit to start the Mobile Kitchen service.

Register your mobile kitchen service with your city to get your business license.

If you are planning to hire employees, then apply for the employer’s Identity Number (EIN) with your tax authority.

Contact your local health and safety board for street vendor’s license.

Rent or buy your mobile kitchen unit, also called concessional trailer.

If you are buying a used mobile kitchen service or hiring one, make sure that it includes all the basic equipment such as sinks, refrigerators, freezer and counter top.

If you are buying a new mobile kitchen or discounted trailer, you can actually specify which equipment you want in addition to the original equipment, such as sandwich prop unit, extra sync, deep fryer, or grill.

Decide where to sell your products.

Contact your city’s parking officers to find out where you are allowed to park your food products.

In local business parks, inquire whether they will allow you to sell your products on the site or not. Most will do this for a small fee.

Draw up a menu with the food products and dishes you want to sell.

Advertise your mobile kitchen service with flyers and in local publications.

Purchase supplies for your menu, as well as napkins, plastic knives and forks, and paper bags.

Open your mobile kitchen service.

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