How to Start a Maid Service

With more than $ 78 billion in revenues each year with the residential and commercial cleaning industry, you can consider starting a own maid service. You will have control over the number of hours that work and you will be able to decide which client you take. If you do your own business, then you have to decide who to be appointed as your employees and how to make the community brand of your business. With some time, money and preparation, you can make a successful career running a maid service.

Designing a Business Plan

Decide that you want to run your own business. Maid services require much more consideration and planning than just purchasing some cleaning supplies. Designing a business plan will help you to think about all the different steps that you need to make for a strong foundation for your business.

If you have other major demands on your time – such as taking care of a sick relative or going to school part time – you might want to consider whether it is the best time to start your own business.

Although the cleaning industry generally has a lower start-up cost, you will still need a minimum of $ 5,000 to buy equipment and insurance, hire an attorney to protect your legal interests, and payroll division to your Get an accountant to run and sort your taxes.

Define your budget. An important component of your business plan is the amount you spent on investing in your budget or your business. It will often determine the scope of your business plan, how many employees you plan to take, etc. Do you have enough money to spend on cleaning products that will require a large office building or do you want to work out of a small, private home?

Your budget can also help determine whether you will be involved in a clean up franchise (like Molly Maid, Mira Maid or Vanguard Cleanup System). Franchises often require expensive joining fees (usually between $ 30,000- $ 50,000), but they also help to meet certain structural needs such as marketing, employee training, support for franchise owners etc.

Write your unique selling point. It is likely that you will not be the only maid service available in your area. What do you offer that does not do any more? Why should your customers choose you on your competitors?

For example, would you offer an environmentally friendly cleaning supply? Will you provide carpet or rug cleaning services? Do you offer hours on weekends or evenings?

Type three or four words that will define the main values ​​of your brand. When you think of what three words you want to remember your customers? Some key words can be loyalty, trust, care, reliability, immaculate, ancient, etc.

Define the customer service plan. Such part of the cleaning industry is based on customer service. If your customers do not believe in you, they will not feel comfortable allowing you in your homes.

Consider special incentives that you can give to your most loyal customers. You can start a referral program where your customers give a friend or family member a 10% discount on mentioning your services.

Set your price. Your price should be so competitive that you can not lose potential customers, but so much that you still can make a profit.

Charge by hour. Some cleaning services vary from hour to hour. The national average for house cleaners is $ 14 / hour, but cleaners in the big cities have an average value between $ 18-20 / hour. You can know that this is the best way to go to new customers and do not know how long it will take to complete a project.

Charge by room or square footage. You may also consider charging from the physical amount of space in the home or office. If you have a large house to cover (such as a holiday house that needs to be prepared after months of unpublished), it can be the smartest way to choose.

Set a flat rate Many cleaning services also set a flat rate for each visit, especially if they clean the house more than once a month. If you clean weekly or weekly, you will find that charging a flat rate will be more effective than charging by hour. However, if you clean only for the client once or twice a month, then you have more work to do.

You should factor in other things for your duty, such as the cost of transportation in different customers’ homes and the cost of cleaning supplies like vacancies or carpet cleaners and repurchase of equipment.

You must also have a clear billing system. If you are working through a franchise like Merry Maids, then it is likely that they already have a system. But if you are working independently, then you should decide whether you have an invoice system, where you send a bill to your customer, if you accept a check or credit card on the spot, or if you The beginning or end of the month will pay.

Implementing Your Business Plan

Keep high quality employees at work. The cleaning industry has a lot of turnover rate – on average 300%. Although it can be more expensive to hire employees with much more experience and great recommendations at the beginning, investing in your employees and giving them a favorable position to work will mean that you will save money in a long time.

Talk to your lawyer about the legal classification of workers. In most industries, you are not legally allowed to take part-time, contract workers when they actually fulfill the essential work of your business.

Market your business. If you have worked in the cleaning industry before, you can already have a loyal following of customers who can use the word of mouth to bring your new business to market. But if you do not, then there are other ways you can:

Create brochures that you can leave in high-traffic areas, such as community centers, gyms, churches and other places where your potential customers are found.

Potential customers outreach through a Facebook page, Twitter or other social media page. You can use pictures of your work to facilitate “before” and “after”, promote special deals, or create content related to your business.

Market yourself locally. To advertise your services, join lists of websites such as different neighborhood associations or nextdoor.

Some websites, such as Handy and HomeZone, serve as a location where you can list your services directly through your web site (like AirBnB). However, some of these websites have been shown to charge their customers a lot, but they do not get the same wages as their maids, while their maids are not allowed to list their services on other web sites. Be careful when listing these sites – you can earn more money on your own.

Use a consistent logo and color palette – all your promotional materials – such as brochures, flyers, web site designs, business cards, etc. You want to keep your business as a brand experience, where your customers get better service continuously.

You can also consider your employees wearing a special uniform, such as a polo shirt with slacks and your company’s logo on it.

Find your target market. Your target market is the main demographic of your customers. Do you want to work on the busy working parents’ houses who do not have extra time to clean up? Or do you want to help those customers who are elderly and unable to clean themselves? Will establishing a significant target market help you to specify your marketing campaigns?

Look for the need for unmet in your local cleaning market. There are probably not many cleaners who offer environmentally friendly products. If this is the case, give yourself position as filling zero for your customers.

Nurturing Your Business

Rent an accountant and an attorney. An accountant can give you lots of advice about developing your business financially and an attorney can preserve your legal interests because your business grows. If you want to change your business to LLC or S corporation, they will also be able to advise you.

If you are an S corporation, you can still be an employee (or cleaner) and get the benefits of getting started on payroll, while you are also the business owner. If you are an LLC, you can not do this.

CIMS certify. Cleaning industry management standard certificates are not usually necessary to expand your business, but you will find that it gives you very much credibility within your profession.

To be certified, you have to pay a $ 500 application fee and a certificate ($ 995, if you are already a member of CIMS, $ 1695 if you are nominal). The evaluator of CIMS will then inspect your cleaning procedures to visit your business to ensure that they meet their standards. The value for this is $ 1500 for each evaluation date.

Expand your business. As you grow and earn more income, consider expanding your business to other cities of your state. If you have an upper level member of your staff, you can consider making them responsible for any other branch of your business.

Make sure you keep your insurance because you take more workers. If your employees are working with harsh chemicals, then you should ensure that you have liability insurance and also offer workers compensation for their employees.

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