How to Start a Gum Removal Business

The business of gum removal is a viable way of making livelihood. Here’s how to start such a business in your area.

Identify your market. Potential gum remover customers include:

Public Properties: airports, playgrounds, zoos, bus and train stations.

Hospitality/Tourism: hotels, casinos, amusement parks.

Education: schools, colleges, campuses.

Government: parks, state properties, municipal buildings, libraries, picnic areas.

Health care: hospitals, daycare centers, nursing homes.

Commercial Properties: parking lots, supermarkets, apartment complexes.

Identify your contacts. Keeping the following in mind:

Where have you worked before?

Is there a friend or family who works in any of the organizations listed above?

Ask your contacts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites?

Not using social networking? Go with the program!

Set the price. In large markets, experienced chewing (gum removal), contractors charge $ 3,500 a day. You have several billing options:

Charges per square foot: It allows you and the customer to develop a value for each job, some prefer the organization. Typical pricing ranges from $ .75 to $ 1.50 per square foot. For small customers, start at the low end. Also, offer volume discounts. Be sure to check the surface and position: more gum, high price An experienced gum-removal contractor can clean up 2500 square feet in a day, using the DEMER® device.

Hourly Charges: Gum remover professionals using gum remover tools charge up to $ 200 / hour. Again, adjust the pricing for the customer and job.

Create a menu of offerings. In addition to removing gum, quality gum remodeling machines can double-duty cleaning of hard surfaces such as tile and grout, wood and vinyl flooring, and spot-cleaning carpet and upholstery. See EPA-registered ATIS® anti-bacterial technology devices, which are ideal for healthcare and food service customers.

Hourly charging: Use the gum removal machines to look for tile and grout cleaning services that can generate $ 1.00 per square foot or more, and up to $ 200 / hour. Pricing will vary depending on the geographical area and your needs.

Shop for a device, learn the criteria. These are what you have to know and buy:

An integrated commercial-power steam vacuum Extraction means the ability to completely wipe out any scans, sharp cleansing and gum remnants. Without vacuuming machines, effectively do not remove the hard gum wards and more cleaning time is required for per gum spot on common hard surfaces such as: tile, granite, concrete and cement walkway, pavement, asphalt, driveway, pavres , Parking lots and garages.

A Patented Gum Remover Subsystem Look for machines that include a double squeeze head and size more than 1 inch-inch-diameter, heavy-gauge, stainless steel brush. To provide a comfortable cleaning condition, it should be easy to brush and screw the brush in the glue tool, which means less fatigue and better cleaning results. Small, soft, less expensive, bronzed brushes should be worn down. Find the extra gum-removal brush included in the price.

Get an economical, super-focused gum-solvent. Find a gam-discover that is low cost, and concentrated.

Select proven technology. Find such elements: Overseas Stainless Steel Boilers, Removable Heating Rod Design, which enhances boiler life, and continuous, self-regulating refill chamber for non-stop cleaning; Availability in the configuration, which produces steam with temperature at the level of pressure at 329 and F and 120 psi.

Keep in mind the details and start selling. Once you order your device, decide the name of the business, register the business, create a website and start knocking on the doors!

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