How to Start a Drug Testing Service

If you want to be a part of an industry which is in demand, learning to start a drug test service can provide you a viable business opportunity. With more and more companies adopting a peaceful policy to reduce their absence and theft rates, the demand for drug testing services is increasing. Depending on where you live, the rules and regulations of starting a drug testing company may be different, and the success of your drug testing service depends on both of these rules and your compliance with your management skills. To learn how to start the drug testing service, read the steps below.

Contact your local health authority to know which license you need to start the drug test service.

Complete a recognized course for drug testing and take the state examination to become a licensed drug test provider. If you plan to offer full service drug testing, then it will include laboratory training for blood, urine and hair testing process.

Determine what your market is like.

Many companies use drug testing services to check their employees.

Families can use drug testing services to check their children. Generally, they are sent by a counselor for drug testing services.

Schools and athletic organizations may require that their athlete take a drug test.

Decide whether you want to bring your drug testing service to your customers, or do you want them to come to you?

Many customers prefer that drug testing services come to them. For the beginning entrepreneur, this office and laboratory can save quite a lot on the cost of space. However, you have to send blood samples to an official laboratory for testing.

Coming to your customers gives you credibility in the form of a company, but it involves a lot of initial investment to cover the cost of a place.

Write a business plan that includes your start-up cost, operation strategy, employee costs, marketing and content. Calculate your estimated earnings for the first 2 years.

You need to start a drug test service by applying for a small business loan from your bank or receiving money from private investors.

Register your company in your city to obtain a business license. If you are hiring employees, then apply for the employer’s identification number, which is also called EIN.

If appropriate, select your location. Ensure that there are many cubical for client privacy in it.

If you are running a mobile drug testing service, make sure that you have a vehicle that is adequate to carry your equipment, such as MiniWain or SUV.

Buy equipment. The most basic equipment includes sample drug test kits, but for more detailed service, you will need special laboratory equipment. You will also need a good computer to keep a record of every client.

Buy liability insurance. Drug tests are often copied and liability insurance will cover your legal costs in case you are sued.

Advertise your drug test service in companies, counseling centers, schools and sports clubs.

Open your drug testing service.

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