How to Start a Bartending Service Business

How to Start a Bartending Service Business

Bartending is a lucrative career; average earnings in the report are statistically high compared to most college graduates. Because alcohol sales are also stable in a difficult economy, it is known again and again as a recession proof. For these reasons, the bartending business is competitive. Some bartenders choose to start a bartending service business and improve their market potential and increase their income. You do not have a college degree in business to get started in your own mobile barring venture, but you need to be ready to invest your skills, your time and money to make your business a success. Start by reading these steps for a way to start a servicing business.

Learn as much as you can. There are many ways that you can educate yourself for the preparation of a successful business venture.

school. If you are not already, enroll in a Bartending School.

On job training. Find Berting Job In addition, any experience that you can earn in the area of ​​customer care or hospitality is helpful.

business. You will need to understand the basics of running a small business, including accounting, bookkeeping, marketing and customer service. Take some business classes at the local community college or professional resource center, or check out some library books on the subject.

Others experience You can learn a lot by talking to other people who operate the same bartender business that travels the same way. Use phone book and make some calls.

Prepare a business plan. Put it down on paper. This should include everything about your business, including start-up capital, business expenses and estimated earnings, personnel requirements and marketing plans.

Decide on a business name.

Register your mobile bartending business name with your government’s business regulatory agency

Obtain a business license through your government’s business regulatory agency.

Invest in business supplies. You do not have to imagine anything, but for the beginning you will need the following basics:

Portable Bar They come in different sizes and styles, and in a wide range of price points.

bussiness card. You can buy expensive cards or make your own from a print shop. The point is that you take your name there.

Pairing equipment Speeders, bottle openers, alcohol keys, coolers and garnish trays.

Uniform. This is not a requirement, but there is a good way to present a professional presence for customers.

Create marketing content. Business cards, flyers and postcards are good start-up basics.

Market your travel bartender service. Be creative, and apply every Avenue of Marketing you can.

Place free ads on online classified sites.

Buy advertising blocks in local newspapers.

Accept the people in charge of booking events in local places and leave the business card with them.

Call party planner, disc jockeys, caterers and other event professionals. Explain your berthing service business and ask for referrals.

Classified searches for people looking for a travel bartender for their parties.

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