How to Service Inlet Hoses

Because inlet hoses are on the back of the washing machine, one of them leakage can be untracked, causing damage to the floor and machine. To serve your inlet hoses, follow these steps:

Turn off the water supply and disconnect from electricity.

It is always helpful to help you get better access to the washer away from the wall. One person can pull each end of the washer out of the wall.

Remove the connection of the tube on both ends – they should never be tight with hand. When it is loose, then do the work of rubbing water that flows through the tube.

Remove the washers from the connections and if they are defective or the water behind the connection points, then the water appears to be blurred, then change it.

Using pliers, carefully draw the hose filters out of the back of the valve bodies.
Rinse the filter under the running water and, before refund, remove any debris recorded in the valve inlet, make sure that none of it is pushed into the valve. You can use a straight pin to disassemble the filtered dirt or small pieces of sand in the filter.

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