How to Sell IT Services

Selling IT services is different from selling other business services because the company’s internal employees can often provide their own IT services. Use the strategies given below to help differentiate your services from your target market’s in-house services.

Identify your price proposition. Your price proposition is defined as the value to reach your customers. You are selling remote database administration or perhaps custom software development, but you need to determine what your service will provide to the customer.

Decide what makes your service unique so that you can separate yourself from the competition. For example, ask yourself if your company has a comprehensive knowledge of specific expertise or a certain industry.

Identify your target market. Decide whether you will target businesses, consumers, or both.

Targeting business presents a very attractive opportunity because companies keep large budgets compared to consumers.

Companies always require vendors and they treat sellers as essential suppliers of inputs and business services, unless they can internally cover the requirement

If you target consumers then you choose to target the business, then you will have more competition.

You’ll want to consider the size of the businesses you decide to target. To sell Fortune 1000 enterprises, a longer sales cycle and more decision makers will need approval. Selling Fortune 1000 companies may also require buying liability insurance. The contracts obtained from Fortune 1000 companies will grow, but will be more competitive. Targeting small to medium sized businesses is often touted as the pursuit of “less false fruit” and can be a good place to start.

Aspects to Consider When Targeting Consumers

Less competition

When you provide an IT service to consumers, then you are presenting something that they do not already have and they can think that it is something they do not need. Be prepared that consumers may have to make more efforts to sell IT services.

Set your target area. Are there special industries that will benefit from the type of IT service you are providing? Are there special industries that are not likely to use your service? For example, machine shops are not likely to use software development services.

Decide on your approach to the market.

Cold calling possibilities are an old way to do business. Start by buying a list based on some specifications from a reputed lead supplier and then contact the decision makers.

Optimizing your website for keywords or phrases that can enter potential buyers while using a search engine, create a steady stream of inbound traffic. Search engine optimization or SEO is an effective way to generate Warm Leads.

Make a case study marketing campaign. Make a case study on one of your first customers. It is important to be able to describe the services provided and the results you receive. Be sure to include any metric in the resulting quantity as well as computation of ROI because they are very important. By convincing prospective clients, it is important to get the value of your money to achieve their business. Display a complete case study on your company’s website and give you the possibility to download it in exchange for your contact information. This exchange offers hot lead supplies.

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