How to Restart Terminal Services

Terminal Server, currently known as Remote Desktop Services, in the most recent versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system (2008 R2, 2012), is an application that allows users and administrators from remote locations to all other computers on the network Allows access. Remote Desktop gives you the ability to restart or reboot the computer from a specific remote location; If you need to reboot a computer at another location, which is not responding to the command, or even if you want to remotely restart any computer, with hundreds of users having a large office The building is meant to reside in. Regardless of your reasoning, you can restart the computer using Remote Desktop in any version of Windows by using the Command Prompt feature. Continue reading this article to learn how you can restart a particular computer using Remote Desktop.

Use Remote Desktop to connect to the computer that you want to restart.

Go to the computer on which you want to work, then click on the “Start” button. If you are using Windows 7, then the “Start” button will appear as the most popular Windows logo.

Enter “Remote Desktop Connection” in the search field located within the “Start” menu, then click directly on the same name link when appearing in search results.

Enter the name of the Internet Protocol (IP) address or computer that you want to restart in the “Computer” box.

Click the “Connect” button to connect to that specific computer from your remote location. You will now have the ability to enter commands that will allow reboot or restart to that particular computer.

Access the command prompt. The process of accessing the command prompt will vary depending on the version of Windows being used.

If you are using Windows 7, click on the “Start” menu, then type “command prompt” in the search box. The command prompt box will appear as the first option in the list of search results.

If you are using any other version of Windows, open your “Start” menu, click “Run”, then type “CMD”. The command prompt box will open on your screen.

Enter the command to restart the computer. After the command is entered, the computer will be completely rebooted from the remote location.

In the command prompt box type “shutdown -t 0 -r -f”, then press “Enter” key on your keyboard. This specific command will instruct the computer to end all running applications and restart the computer immediately in 0 seconds. This is not recommended, however, due to the complications involved in properly restarting the terminal server. shutdown.exe only calls an API that restarts without any idea as the operating system and does not know about Terminal Services / Remote Desktop Services.

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