How to Respond to an Invoice for Goods or Services Your Company Didn’t Purchase

How to Respond to an Invoice for Goods or Services Your Company Didn’t Purchase

Occasionally someone will get an idea of trying to scam your company by sending an invoice for goods or services not ordered by your company. The larger the company, the easier it will be to lose in his eyes, but it can be for any company. When answering a fake invoice, some things should be taken into account.

In case of such invoices to be caught Make a good check in your accounting system. Purchases should be signed by someone other than the buyer, the system should be able to identify which purchases have been made and match the invoice etc. It is the side of your business which is already running smoothly Has been and should walk; If not, then sort it now.

Talk to the employees responsible for the purchase. If they can not recall requests for goods or services then ask them only for double checks, because it is actually a memory lapse. Check recorded records and ask other staff members too. If they still come with an empty, then start further investigation.

Companies, claiming payment, consultancy or personal search. As soon as it becomes clear that the invoice can not be one that your company should be paid, try to identify the company or other entity by doing several searches:

Just Google if they return, you can do some thorough research. If not, this is not a great sign in itself, but that does not mean that the unit is not present.

Find “Company Register” in your jurisdiction. With this you can tell that the company is registered, when and where, etc. If you are in a federal system that allows registration at state and national level, then you have to check the related registers. Find clues from invoicing address.

Look in the online newspapers and find out that your name is using names from other searches to see if they are returning. There can be stories of their success or involvement in fraud.

Skip the invoice. Go back to the person mentioned on the invoice because the person responsible for this is the person. This can be a simple misconception or slip from any of you.

If you try to contact them and they are not contactable then be concerned. It can indicate that they are not present, that they have not given you actual contact details, or that they are escorting you.

If the person at the other end claims to sell the goods and services of your company but makes an excuse you do not feel real, such as the items are not yet being provided because they are still in transit, etc. You need to ‘decide whether you are willing to pay or not, or you may expect the arrival of goods or the completion of the goods before paying on such ten bases Will or not. You can also ask to see their order form or contract signed by an employee of your company.

Seek advice. If you are not sure what to do next, but you are certain that the invoice is suspicious, then talk to your supervisor. There should be a mechanism for dealing with such cases, including contacting the police.

If you are worried talk to someone outside your company but do not make sure that what to do next. For more advice and instructions, call the government agency responsible for business and business scandals.

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