How to Request a Service on Redbeacon

Redbeacon is an online business and service search service that allows you to request services and receive quotes and information from local businesses and service providers. As a user, you can request services or register to provide services and get requests from users in your area. This article will guide you through the process of requesting a service on Redbeacon.

Visit the Redbeacon login page to log in to your account using the username or email address and password associated with your account. If you sign up for a service using your Facebook account, you can optionally sign in with Facebook.

If you do not already have an account, go to the Redbeacon sign up page and follow the onscreen instructions to create one.

Go to the Redbeacon Request Services page to start the process.

Enter the business, type of business, or specific service you need. For example, you can enter “businessman” or “dentist” for a business type, “bank” or “build me a deck” for a business type.

Choose the time or date required for the requested service.

If you want to provide a normal time-range, then select the “I’m flexible” checkbox and select an option from the drop down menu.

If this is necessary, then select the “Hour within” checkbox. This option will still provide services from the providers available.

To request a specific day, month, year, and time range, select “at a specific date and time”. Enter the day, month and year in the input field and select the time range using the drop down menu.

Enter the full address or zip code where you need the services to be provided.

Select the “Job can be remotely” checkbox if the service can be provided remotely, i.e. on the phone or online.

To get a better, more accurate quote and timeframe from service providers, “What should you do?” Enter descriptive details in the box. You can provide budget details and any other information that allows service providers to better understand the scope of work.

Click on the “attach photo or document” link after the “Choose File” button to attach any file related to the services you requested. For example, you can attach a blue print, a job site image, or a personal quoted quote by you to other providers.

Click the “Confirm Request” button to continue.

Select a profession from the “Recommendations” section. Select the profession or service provider that you think will be most suitable for the services you need.

You can optionally choose “By category” option to browse for providers with some skill sets. Use this option if any of the recommendations do not meet your specific requirements.

Click the “Continue to Review” button to continue.

Review your service request and click the “Submit” button to agree to the Redbeacon Terms of Service and complete the process.

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