How to Participate in Mozilla Service Week

How to Participate in Mozilla Service Week

There are several ways of volunteering, such as teaching, fundraising, running booths, cooking and cleaning of garbage bins. But if you have technical skills, then you can use them to help others too. One of the benefits of doing your own technical skills voluntarily is that you can leave your desk at any time to help people and organizations around the world. In addition, during the Mozilla Service Week (September 14-21, 2009), you can count your efforts with other volunteers and see how much technological skills can actually change in the world.

Helping Others

Find a volunteer opportunity. If you are not sure how you can help, then look for opportunities on any partner site in Mozilla. You can get a local opportunity, or you can find a way to help across miles by helping with just a tutorial or advice. Here are some additional ideas:

Teach seniors to use the web.

Show a non-profit to use social networking to develop the basis of your supporters.

Help establish a wireless network in a school.

Create web tutorials for computer clusters of libraries.

Refurbish the hardware for a local computer center.

Update a non-profit organization’s website

Teach other public benefit organizations the value of the open web.

Start a pledge.

Register your project so that your donated hours count towards the Mozilla service week grand total.

Getting Help

For Organizations

Find volunteers who can help. Through the Idealist, you can register your organization and describe the technical support you are looking for.

Once you identify the project that you want to help, register your requirement.

For Individuals

Ask a person who is tech savvy if they want to help you get involved in Mozilla Service Week’s efforts. You can also go to idealist and can search to see if there is a volunteer in your area who may be able to help.

Register your project so that your volunteer’s donation hours count toward the total of the Mozilla service week.

Helping Mozilla

Tell A Friend about Mozilla Service Week. Send an email to friends and acquaintances telling about the Mozilla service week

Get the word by posting news, videos or pictures on your blog, Twitter or Identi.Ca, and video and photo sites. Tag your post with “mozservice09” so that they can be easily found.

Download site badges, banners and buttons to add your blog, your social network profile, or your email signature.

Download a Mozilla Service Week Flyer. Print it and post it at work, at school, or at your community center. Choose the format right for you:

Mozilla Service Week flyer in ‘letter’ format.

Mozilla Service Week flyer in ‘tabloid’ format.

Mozilla Service Week flyer in ‘A4’ format.

Share your story on what you are planning to do for the Mozilla service week on your favorite social networking site.

Challenge your friends to join your efforts on PledgeBank.

Promote your participation in the Mozilla Service Week with a customized Persona, a skin for Firefox.

Read the blog. Stay up-to-date on the latest news and consider coming closer to Mozilla Service Week

Translate Mozilla Service week into another language.

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