How to Operate an Elevator in Fire Service Mode

How to Operate an Elevator in Fire Service Mode

Many lifts feature “Fire Service Mode”, which enables firefighters to use them to save the stranded people on the upper floor. This article explains the operation of this mode.

Know that fire service mode can be activated automatically (whenever the smoke is found inside the building) or manually (using a key switch located on the ground floor). When the fire service is activated, the lifts in the building will remember the ground floor until the alarm was placed on the ground, then it will return to an alternate floor. The elevator remains inactive for the general public.

Set fireman’s switch (located in each elevator in the United States / Canada and located in the hallway in Europe) in one of the following positions:

On: Permission to use lift in fire service mode

Catch: Holds the lift on a specific floor.

Descend: misses lift down to ground floor.

Now you can choose a floor (or group of floor) to go. Pressing the “Cancel Call” button will clear your selection.

Until the “door close” button will not be down, the lift will not leave the floor. You will have to hold this button until the doors are completely closed; Otherwise, they will open again.

Lift goes up to the desired floor. When it closes, the doors will remain closed. This is a safety feature. You should hold the “Door Open” button until the doors are completely open. If smoke or flames enter the elevator, immediately release the button. The doors will be closed.

If you want to leave the elevator, set the fire service switch to “Hold” and delete the key. This prevents others from using the elevator. To continue using firefight service mode, restore the key and turn it on “ON”.

To return to the recall floor, set the fire service key switch to “Off”.

The lift will continue. To return them to normal operation, change the Fire Bind Switch (located in the hallway) to “Bypass”.

It should be noted that each elevator manufacturer uses its own fire service key. This is the reason why you often see a knox-box for firefighters to get the proper key for the elevator lift model. For example, a Dover (Thyssen-Crupp) lift uses a different key than an otis.

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