How to Obtain Good Customer Service and Ensure You Are Being Helped Properly

How to Obtain Good Customer Service and Ensure You Are Being Helped Properly

This guide will tell you from retailer’s perspective how to get the best in customer service, get what you are looking for and serve in a consistent manner desirable.

First you must realize that YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT.

You do not know everything and should be ready to accept that not everyone is “rag-stop-off”.

If you know everything about the product, you must have designed it or read all about it, and thus there is no reason to ask you to have trivial questions to know the answer already. Just buy and leave the product.

Do your research on what you intend to buy, but be open to seller’s suggestions, because let’s face it, you do not work with everyday items.

Follow the Golden Rule “Do as You Do to the Other”. If you do not do such behavior with the employee, they will not treat you with respect and you will not get high level service, in fact the employee can become so angry with the people like you that he / she will be removed from the way. Rip-You-Off “and in the future causes problems of your return and shopping experience.

The following is a list of “no-no” which will almost always end with you, which has hurt you more than business.

Are you:

Every time you go to a business, complain? For retail employees, “squaki wheel” gets “knob”

Return items consecutively for no valid reason? For businesses you’ve only spent money on them and they do not want you as a customer, and if possible, help you.

Refuse to listen to the argument or instead of showing the facts, believe that you have “heard”? This shows the employee (staff) that you are unaware and you want to reduce a lot to help them.

Try to “get a deal” or “get hook-up” whenever you come to buy in the business? The business and its staff will recognize you as a customer, who does not spend money on products that make the business money, so why does business want you as a customer?

Claim to spend “thousands of dollars” with this place of business? Because there are obstacles, the employee / manager can see your purchase history and tell you that you are lying. You will get the result of “The Shaft”.

Lying while speaking to the employee / manager (manager)? Odds you will receive from a person who holds you in lies and as a result you will receive “The Shaft”.

Even when refusing to accept the store policies, even when they are clearly displayed in the entire store and printed on the receipt? If so, you will be considered ignorant and as a result you will receive “the shaft”.

Say something for the effect of “Your employee told me” And you can not tell them what the staff was, what they looked like, or when it happened? This will destroy your legitimacy and the employee will not trust you.

Speak loud, shout, raise your voice, or threaten me, including “I will take my business somewhere else” or “whenever I come here, every time I am”. They do not give a damn what you want at this point and you can also deny the service.

Realize that you are shopping with a major retail corporation, they discover that there are 10 people who can take up your place and earn less money while earning more money.

If you avoid doing these things, then the employees will be out of your way to help you, and you will receive whatever deals you make in the future, as well as helping you.
Definition of “The shift”: Whatever employees can do, to make your life miserable, giving false information to you, lying to you, rejecting your returns, ignoring you, you wrongly By presenting, by warning other employees when you come in, by destroying The ability to return your things etc.

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