How to Make Free Phone Calls and Listen on a TV

How to Make Free Phone Calls and Listen on a TV

Do you want to take phone and video calls and get the comfort of your couch without raising the phone? By hooking up your computer to your TV, you can easily send and receive calls with the click of a button. See step 1 below to learn how.

Download a VOIP (Voice Over IP) program on your computer. To make a call through your TV, you have to use the computer to call. One of the most popular programs for this is Skype, although others are also available. Skype is one of the best options because you can set a phone number that anyone can call you.

Check out this guide to install Skype and configure it on your computer.

To create a Skype phone number, refer to this guide that you can use to receive calls. You can also make and receive free audio and video calls from other Skype users.

Connect your computer to your TV. For calls from your TV screen and speaker, you have to connect your computer to your TV. Almost all computers can be connected to a TV, although you may need to disconnect your computer monitor.

Make sure you have a microphone attached. For the second person to listen to you, you will need a microphone connected to your computer.

If you want to make a video call, you will need to install a webcam on your computer. Most webcams come with built-in microphones.

Be sure to keep the microphone / webcam in such a place that they can be useful; Webcams should provide a good view for you, and you need to close the microphone adequately to register your voice.

Make and receive calls. Once your computer is connected to your TV and your recording devices are connected and configured, you can start calling and receiving on your VOIP program. With Skype, you can make and receive free calls with other Skype users. If you have a Skype phone number, then anyone can access you as if you had a real phone, and you can call any number.

Some TVs have Skype and a webcam built-in. These are usually more expensive than regular TVs. You will be able to find Skype in the Apps section, and for this, connect TV to the Internet.

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