How to Join a Discord Server

Discord games have an independent way of communicating with people and many gamers use it. This set of instructions is to help you get into a server quickly and effectively and communicate with your team.

Get a discourse link by email, or a game chat lobby. Copy the link.

Open the Discord by app, or webpage. If you do not have an app, open the Discord web page.

Click on “Open Discord in your Browser”.

Input a username.

After redirecting to the home page, look at the far-left side, you should see a plus sign inside the dotted circle. Note that there may be a pop-up window asking you to give a tutorial on contention. Select Skip and continue on the home page.

Click on circle and select “join a server”. The option will be the right one).

Paste the previously copied link in the search bar and click on join. You are now connected to the server!

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