How to Improve Your Social Network Value With a Picture

How to Improve Your Social Network Value With a Picture

Social networks are always important. The fact is that he now has a ‘name’, he does not change. One way to improve its value is to have a good and appropriate picture with it. There are some reasons for this:

You will be taken more seriously.

People who visit your site / url will pay a little more attention, if there is a face to ‘greet’ instead of the stock image, which you did not bother to change.

Take your picture to someone who knows what they are doing.

Keep a plain background without distracting.

Do not make this a group image. It is better to be ‘lonely’ in the picture. People want to know who you are, not your friends.

Cut your photo so that the shot is yours, not your room. Or a headshot versus a body shot. Is that picture yours or your yard? Then, wandering is a good thing.

Do your best to present an image that you do not see like someone who should not be taken seriously. (You are flipping with the camera because you are not nervous as much as you think it is so funny)

Try to limit the distractions on you. Like garish clothing, hats, sunglasses, etc.

Photos that represent the ‘real you’ can wait until people get to know you.

Be happy (or you can be as happy as you are without a pleasure to compromise). You do not have a serious, serious form of modeling for a magazine.

Do not use your web cam for a good shot. The brightness of your monitor does nothing for your color.

Resize / crop your image to match the constraints of the size of the social network you are uploading. Examples of pixel size limits on the network:

AIM: 45×45

FanFiction.Net: 150×150. Resized to 25×25 on lists.

InsaneJournal: 100×100

JournalFen: 100×100

LiveJournal: 100×100

Quizilla: Resized to 179×224.

Twitter: 48×48

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