How to Hire a House Cleaning Service

Cleaning your home can be a time-consuming process that can be difficult to fit in your schedule. If your financial status permits you to rent a cleaning service, then this option can save you time and leave it with a great home. There are many cleaning services in your area. To choose the right and keep up, you must be aware of your own needs and do some research on the reputation and specificities of various services.

Evaluating Your Needs

Decide what you want to clear. You can only choose to deal with difficult spots in your home, such as kitchens and main bathrooms. Some families would like that the house is clean from top to bottom. You also have to decide whether you expect services that can go beyond standard cleaning, such as lowering the baseboard or washing the windows.

Many services will not clean Windows because they do not want streaks or damage. You may have to turn to a professional for this.

Guess how long it will take to clean your house. Most cleaning services will ask you how big your house is, how many bedrooms and bathrooms are there and how often do you do regular cleaning. A bedroom and a bathroom usually take about two and a half hours to clean up, and the kitchen takes 1-2 hours. If you did not clean it in a while, then this number could increase. By preparing this information for the service, it will help you to decide what you can do.

Decide how often you want to clear your service. Depending on the needs of your family, you may need a service to come once or twice a month. If you have a big budget and a busy schedule, you can choose to travel more frequently. You can also create an optional weekly program that directs cleaners to clean individual rooms every time they come.

If you have a priority, then buy your cleaning supplies. Because they are more expensive, most of the cleaners will not be cleaned by natural cleaning solutions. If you do not want chemical cleaners used in your home, or if you have a special cleaner, which you like, you will need to provide the service.

If you provide your own cleaner you can negotiate with the service at a lower charge. Ask potential services if they are ready to discuss it with you.

Define your budget. Before you start calling potential cleaning services, check your finances. Ensure that you actually know how competent and willing you are to pay companies. This will help you not tell the companies that are outside your price limit, while you also have the permission to inform which services you can pay for.

Picking a Service

Choose the cleaning service for better legal protection. When you hire a cleaning company instead of a person, then the company takes responsibility for running a background check on its employees, providing compensation for workers and dealing with insurance issues. This option is generally better for families who can not have time and legal knowledge to save themselves from conflicts with individual employees.

It is a good idea to ask potential cleaning services whether they have checked the background of their employees. Reputable companies must have demonstrated these checks at any new rent.

Cleaning companies may charge more than individuals, but the legal peace of mind they provide will be worth the extra cost.

Choose a company that is bonded and insured. Reputed services will have a policy that will harm your home during the cleaning process, as well as missing or broken items. This can allow both you and the company to feel safe while the cleaners are in your house. However, it is a good idea to inform the cleaner of the item which may be more delicate or require special care.

Reach your family and friends for referrals. The people who are close to you will know what you want, and they will be ready to offer you honest advice about your previous experience with various cleaners. Be sure to tell those who ask you for advice that you plan to hire a reputable service with an insurance policy because it can affect the options you give.

Read online reviews if they are available. To see most cleaning services you will have many reviews online, especially if the company is large and has been in business for many years. Read a wide range of reviews. Some companies can get just some horror reports from a dissatisfied customer, but otherwise there will be a series of five-star ratings.

If there are no reviews online, ask for a reference service. If a company is new to your area or is scarcely small, then they still can not have online presence. You can ask the list of referrals from their previous clients from these companies. When you call these clients, be sure to ask them what kind of cleaning the company does for them, and whether the client still employs the service.

Ask potential companies what they clean and charge. Most companies will have a list of specific types of cleaning that they perform. They will also notify you if they charge a flat rate, one hour fee or a room-to-room fee for each cleaning. Make sure that you understand what is included in the company’s cleanliness rate, and what not. Ask questions about any cleaning activities which the company does not explicitly mention.

If your company charges an hour for you, you are allowed to clean the service, to ensure that your cost is not getting out of control, how many hours can you caps. Note that this can prevent your home from getting fully cleaned, especially on the first visit.

Ask for additional fees for add-ons. Once you understand the company list that what it usually does, ask if they never serve cleaning services in that list, then ask how much of these extra services cost. If there is something in your house that you want to clean, which is not mentioned in the service, ask how much it will add to their overall fee.

Ask whether the company uses cleaning solutions for different surfaces. You want to be aware of which cleaning solution is using in your house, it is especially important if you have pets or children, and you are worried about exposure to some chemicals. If your home has a special counter or sensitive surface, then you should also ask the company whether they have the appropriate solution for those materials.

Ask to test your house cleanliness. See if the company is ready to see if the relationship works when the test session is over. If you do not accept the cleanliness that your home receives, then they may be ready to provide a satisfaction guarantee that waives the fee. Once you complete this test, you will probably be able to feel more confident about spending your money on the cleaning service.

Working with Your Cleaners

Sign a written contract that meets your own and company’s requirements. It is a good idea to sign a document stating the company’s fees, which will be cleaned with any additional services, and which is defined as a loss due to cleaner. Keeping a record of this agreement should help avoid confusion or disagreement in the future, how much is outstanding on the company.

Follow the company’s policy on staying or leaving the house. Some companies may ask you to stay at home, while your cleaners are present. If something disappears from your home, then this policy can be used as a way to protect the company. Other companies may not get preference, and you can use time to do something out of the house.

Discuss the company policy on pets. Some companies may ask that you either take your pets out of the house or limit them to a specific area. Others may ask that before you leave the animals alone to ensure that they are familiar with each other, introduce the culprit to the pet. If your pet is not usually like strangers, you want to stay in the house for some time before the cleaner’s tour.

Make sure your cleaner has access to your home. If you are not going home at the time of cleaner, you may have to provide a key, code, or garage door opener to go home. You can include a section in your written agreement with the company about providing these things safely to your cleaner, without worrying that they may be copied or shared.

Take an early walk with your cleaner. This meeting will allow you to familiarize the cleaner with space. You should point out broken appliances or damage to your home, which they may need to avoid. This is a great time for them to show any area, which will require special attention or additional cleaning.

You can show them children’s rooms which are especially useless. Or if, for example, you have a China cabinet full of breakable items that you like to dust on your own, make sure the cleaner knows about it.

Explain your expectations to prevent confusion. Make sure the service provider is aware of your expectations. This will ensure that you, company and employee are all on the same page. In particular, if you have a special agreement with the company, then it will have to avoid any frustration on those areas which are deficient or unclear allegations for those areas that you had planned to clean themselves.

Keep your home clean if you want cleaners to concentrate on deep cleaning. Dealing with normal disorder is a good idea before cleaning workers can come out. While the cleaners will pick up the clothes left on the floor or keep the toys back in their fixed area, this will increase their time and energy. This could mean that your home does not get deep cleaning according to its needs.

If you are paying per hourly fee, then it is particularly important that you take your own disorder.

After the first few trips, kindly give feedback. You may have some questions or suggestions after your cleaner arrives first. Discuss the areas of the house that you clean a little differently. Be sure to treat your cleaner as a professional who is entitled to both mercy and respect.

If you are dissatisfied with the service, call the company directly. You can elaborate in detail why you feel that you are not meeting your expectations. You will probably be able to compromise a more clear agreement with the company, which would be easier than starting a new service process.

Tip to show your satisfaction with the cleaner 10-20%. With most service-based industries, cleaner rely on tips. Check your company’s policy, because they can roll the suggestions into their overall fees and send them individually to Paycheck. If not, then it is expected that you will appreciate the service by tapping the cleaner directly.

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