How to Get Started with Discord

Discord is a chatting site and app that users can use during the stream, though there are non-gaming objectives too. If you need a head-start when you start using the disk then follow these steps.

Learning the Basics

Relinquishment of access Discard can be used on either computer in a web browser, or by using the discord application on a phone or computer. Browser-based version is a good option if you just want to try the disk, but the app notifies you when a new message in the channel or a message arrives when you chat.

Discord’s browser version can not be accessed on mobile devices. You need to download the app to use Discord on your phone.

Create an account on Discord. When you start using Discord, you will often start by simply creating a username. However, if you create an account, you will be able to use the Discord app (and not just the browser version). If you connect an email address to your discord user name, you will be able to use regular discs with a mobile app or a computer program.

Familiarize yourself with the layout of discoord. If you have never used Diskord before, or are not generally familiar with the Instant Messenger app, then you might be a little confused about how to use it. However, a lot of it is actually learning to use just the layout. Learning the basics is easy, too!

The leftmost corner of the screen is the place where the direct message will appear and the server where you are joined will appear.

On the left side of the screen, either your friend will be listed or the server will have a list of channels, depending on whether you are on the direct message screen or a discord server, respectively.

Below these lists will be your username and profile image, your “online” status, whether your microphone is silent, whether your headphones are “deaf”, and your settings.

The center of the screen is the chat message. If you are on the direct message of a chat without a chat, then it will be the activity page or your friend list.

On the right side of the screen, if you are on server or group DM, there will be a list of members on the server and their roles. If you are on the direct message, it will not be visible.

If you search something in the search bar at the top right, the search results will appear on the right and hide the member list.

Access Settings. To customize your account settings, click on the cog beside your username. You can use settings:

Change your username, email, avatars and passwords, disable or delete your account, or enable two-factor authentication. (Access My Account Settings.)

Change who you can make DM, whose DM is scanned by Scord for security, which can add you as a friend, and you can send the data to Discord. (Access privacy and security settings.)

Edit the apps and bots that you have authorized in your account. (Access authorized app settings.)

Connect the account (like twitch, skype, steam, and spottif) to your Discord account, as well as authorize the app to use your Discord account. (Access connection settings.)

Change your billing information, or redeem game codes. (Access billing settings.)

Insert Nitro or HypeSquad (Access Access Nitro or Hypsquad respectively).

Edit your voice chat settings and do you press a button for your microphone to activate in voice chat, or change the camera accessing the discs for the video call. (Access voice and video settings.)

Edit Notification Settings. (Access notification settings.)

Add or delete the keybind. (Access keybinding settings.)

Show when you are playing a game on your device and add games to your discord account. (Access game activity settings.)

How to replace images, GIFs, links and emoticons in chat. You can also enable / disable / tts (Text-to-speech) commands. (Access the text and images setting.)

Change the appearance of the discord window or turn on developer mode. (Access Presence Settings.)

If you play video games for sites like YouTube or twitch, enable “streamer mode”. (Access the streamer mode setting.)

Choose Language ▼. (Access language setting.)

Send a message. When you use Discord, the message bar is at the bottom of the screen and it will be labeled with “message [person or channel]”. You can type your message and press Message Enter to send it.

Learn to mute users, channels, and servers. At some point, you probably would not want to get so much information on discos, but still leave the app open. Although there is no way to mute the direct message system, there are ways to mute channels and servers along with single users as well.

Setting up your account in Do Not Disturb will mute all incoming notifications until you are tagged in a message or directly messaged. Click on your avatar and click on do not disturb.

To mute any user on the server, right-click the person’s username and check the mute button. If you want to unmute them later, then just uncheck the button using those same steps.

To mute the server in a channel, right-click on the channel that you want to mute and check the Mute button. You can also click on the alarm bell at the top of the screen. Follow the same steps to unmute the channel.

To mute a server, right-click the server icon and check the server mute button.

Learn how to edit and delete your messages. At some point, you will create a typo or send a message meaning you did not have to send, but thank you that on Discord, there are ways to fix it.

To edit the message you sent, right-click the message and click Edit. (If you hit the up arrow on your keyboard, you will automatically open the edit window of your latest message.)

To delete the message you sent, right-click the message and click Delete Message. If you hold down ⇧ Shift while doing this, it will remove the message without prompting whether you want to delete it.

Connecting with Others

Find the servers you want to participate. To join a server on Discovery, you have to invite it.

Friends can invite you directly to Discord from a server.

If you have a link to a disk server, then click on the link and you will be connected to the server.

Read any channel guidelines. If you do not read channel guidelines or rules, you may be muted, kickped, or restricted to the server. Use common knowledge while chatting.

Do not spam. It is disturbing many people on discord. If you do so many channels can restrict you.

Add people to your friends list. When you add someone to your Friends list, you are able to call them privately, and they are added to the contact list for your direct messages (also known as private messages, DM or PM) Which makes it easy to reach them. To add someone as a friend:

Right-click on cancel a user’s name, or use the search function to search the list of users in the channels you have included. Click on the add friend.

You can also add someone directly through their discord tag; Go to your Friends list, click Add friend, and enter their discard tag (which will appear as username # 1234, numbers randomly).

Wait for the person to accept or reject your friend’s request. If they accept it, they will appear in your Friends list.

If you want, then voice chat with users. Discord, mainly for gamers, lets you voice chat with people. If you want, make sure that your microphone and headphones are active (this means they do not have a red slash through them), and start the call:

In order to call a person through direct message, you have to stay in their friend list. Click the button like a phone (or camera, if you want to make a video call), or right-click on their name and click on the call.

To call many people in Group DM, access Group DM and click on the phone (if you want to call) or camera (if you want to make a video call).

To voice-chat with users on the server, click the voice channel that you want to add and you will be connected to the server.

Block users who are bothering you or bothering you. If a user is driving you on the wall, you can stop them from sending you messages. Just right-click on their username and select the block from the dropdown menu. They can not make you DM now

If you have been blocked by a user, then any attempt of DM will be completed with an automatic response saying that your message was not delivered.

Have fun using Discord!

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