How to Get Good Customer Service when Talking to a Customer Service Representative

How to Get Good Customer Service when Talking to a Customer Service Representative

Dealing with customer service for a particular company or service can often be a very frustrating experience. Where some companies are more customer-friendly to cheer their customers and pride themselves, other companies do not care as much and are often given to their customers. As a result, this is a little difficult task with customer service and customer service representatives. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do to improve the chances of getting quality customer service.

Preparing Yourself for Battle

Learn exactly what you want and be able to fully explain it. If you do not know exactly what you want or do, and if you do not have a clear explanation of how they can help you and what is your position, then it is less likely that you feel satisfied are doing.

If you have a technical problem with an electronic or online service, make sure you can clearly tell what this is. Technical support usually requires as much information as possible to provide you a solution.

If you are disputing any fees, make sure that you have exceeded the bill and have come with rationalization to accept the bill.

In any event, make sure to clarify in your mind what resolution will make you happy, and what resolution is appropriate.

Protect a large chunk of time to deal with your problem. Chances are, there will probably be enough time to deal with customer service. So you need to think about this before calling or meeting them. There are several things you should consider:

You have to wait 10-20 minutes to talk to an agent.

Speaking with agent for 10 minutes.

Is being transferred to another department and is re-understanding its issue.

Enlarge your issue with the supervisor, wait for the supervisor, and then explain the issue to the supervisor.

Keep in mind the time of day that you are going or calling, because some time busy with others.

If you choose to make a call, be sure to free your call from the distracting environment. Once you get through, you want to be able to pay your full attention to the call. Apart from this, if you are distracted or if there is no noise, you will not be able to communicate properly when you stop talking to the representative.

Be prepared to pay your full attention to the call.

Do not call when driving.

Do not call from a distracting environment.

Try to avoid calling while walking around the busy road.

Prepare yourself to navigate through multiple voice signals and be prepared to wait on the hold while calling. Although this process is definitely disappointing, it will ensure that you keep in the right line for the necessary service.

Be ready to enter or say the last four of your account number, ticket number, or your social security number.

Talk clearly.

If you say “0.” You will actually be able to get directly from a representative.

You must talk to the representative for all information and supplies. This includes information related to your account, your transaction or your reservation. This is to ensure that you are the owner of the account. This is often an essential information. Also, it is:

a sheet of paper.

A functional pen / pencil and paper in hand so that you can write important information.

In case of your Wallet and Credit card information, they need to make adjustments or credits in your account.

Speaking to the Customer Service Representative

If possible call or travel early in the morning. The most prestigious changes occur with the beginning of 7 am-10am, and usually those tens are filled by agents who have the most knowledge and they can help you on time. These agents will be able to provide you the best service and hopefully you will solve any issues.

Speak in a friendly voice and have a positive attitude. Even if your issue is very frustrating, do not be humiliated or belligerent. It is very disappointing for an agent to keep someone on the phone who is screaming, screaming and swearing on them. It’s less likely that if you are boggling then the agent will be out of your way to help you.

Maintain the voice of a professional attitude and sound that is suitable for business, no matter how frustrated you are.

Say “please” and “thank you” when appropriate.

Avoid doing what you are saying.

Make statements that show your dissatisfaction. While being polite, you must be outspoken and confident. You should express your dissatisfaction in a powerful way and communicate that you want the best service. Consider these types of statements:

“I believe my business is being taken.”

“As a loyal customer, I deserve the best customer service.”

“I’m sure you [customer care representative] will go above and beyond to make me satisfied customer.”

Tell the agent your problem. This is probably the most important part of phone calls. If you do not understand your problem properly, then it can not be solved. In a very clear and concise way, explain the problem or your issue to the agent.

Talk slowly and clearly.

Do not make assumptions about what they know or who do not know.

Include specific examples about your issue.

After you explain it to him, ask to calm your problem.

Understand the limitations of the customer service representative. Customer Service Representatives are the only, representative. They represent the company and are involved in connecting with you and working within the policies, hopefully, get the appropriate results for both parties.

Customer Service Representatives can not generally reverse the company’s policy or make “exceptions”.

Most representatives have rules that they need to follow.

Agents have such matrix that they need to follow, which means they may have specific scripts that you should read them, or they should have a specific call time that they should maintain.

An agent can not spend hours in dealing with your problem. They have to handle the average time.

You may need to pitch some new services / items.

If you feel that you are not getting that service, for which you are not getting the service that you deserve. If the agent you are speaking with seems unwilling or unable to help, ask your supervisor to talk. Often times, only supervisors are used to make “exceptions” for company policies. but remember:

Supervisors are not employed to deal with customers all the time.

You may have to hand over your situation to the supervisor.

The supervisor can come back to the same policies that the initial representative did, and you probably would not be happy with it.

Be polite. Supervisor people are also.

Tell the supervisor to set the voice of the conversation that you are confident that they will leave you completely satisfied.

If you are not happy with how supervisors behave with you, thank them, and call back or later go to the office again. You can get someone else who can be more helpful.

Get details about the agent. If you are happy with the agent’s resolve or if they behave with you, then you are unhappy, it is important for both of them. If you are satisfied, then it is your insurance that the promise of the agent will really be applicable. If you are dissatisfied, then you will be able to refer the agent or supervisor to pursue your complaint. Try to get the following information:

Ask for the agent’s name or employee ID politely: “Do I need your name and employee ID?”

Similarly, ask politely for the call center location, if you choose to call.

Be sure to get a case number or ticket number.

Write the date and time of the day that you called.

Ask the customer service agent to make a detailed note in your account. Before hanging, make sure to ask your agent to make a detailed note in your account about your dissatisfaction. The better you deal with them, the more accurate and completely they can represent your situation. It can help later agents or supervisors in their efforts to provide you satisfaction.

Taking Care of Business Afterward

Extend your complaint further. If you are still unhappy or have not solved your problem, write to the corporate office. You can usually get a corporate office number and address by asking an agent or visiting the company’s website. Often, companies that deal with many customer complaints, such as cable and Internet companies, will have specific departments to solve problems with specific customers who have already gone through normal customer service steps. Chances are, you will be more fortunate with this route.

Write the company’s president.

Write the president or director of the customer service for the company.

An executive with email customer service or company

Locate a special section dedicated to dealing with unresolved issues. Often times, the General Customer Service Department will not give you contact information for this department. You have to dig around the Internet or call the corporate office for it.

Submit a complaint with consumer sites or better business bureaus. If you have a bad customer service experience, do not be afraid to write a poor review or file a complaint with the appropriate organization or website. Although this can have very little effect, if a lot of customers do the same thing, then the company or organization can notice and improve their customer service approach. There is also an opportunity that the company will be looking at these review sites, and can respond directly to you there.

See social media as a possible solution. Often times, social media accounts or pages of big companies will be. Consider sharing your dissatisfaction with the company’s customer service on your social media page. Be sure to do this in a humble manner. You can get a response that will give you satisfaction.
Get a good customer service experience. If the agent has provided excellent service, ask an email address you can use to send an email or ask your supervisor to talk. Some employees may get special recognition for this or possibly even bonuses. In addition, you can complete the voice or send it to the internet survey company.

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