How to Get Badges on IMVU

IMVU is a 3-D chat app that lets you set an avatar to see your friends. There is also a badge system from which you can collect the badges and display them on your avatar’s profile snapshot. To begin getting badges for IMVU, see step 1.

Look for a badge like you. Find an avatar with the badge you want. Click on the name of an avatar to display your profile card.

Avatar badges should be displayed at the bottom of the card. See what you like.

See the user’s profile for more information about badges. On the avatar profile card, click “Profile” on the left. This will take you to the user’s profile home page.

If you want the badge to not appear there, then see another avatar on its home page (steps 1 and 2). Some users will also set their home page private, so looking for a particular badge can take some time.

Select the badge. When you find a home page, you want the badge to be displayed, click the badge near the profile picture.

If the profile is not private, then the user’s friends should be shown below, and their badges should also be displayed, provided they did not set it privately.

Click on the badge and the expanded image should appear. If you click on it, it should take you to the badge’s information page. Badge name should be immediately after “Search by catalog” under “By Product”. Remember the name of the badge for the next step.

Go to the avatar page of the badge in the address bar of your browser window, type “” spam name] without quotes and brackets. This should take you to the avatar page of the badge creator.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the badge you want. When you see your desired badge, click on the “request badge” next to your desired badge.

An info pop-up should appear, which will tell you that you have received a badge.

Show the badge. Now you have a badge, it’s time to use it by clicking on “Account” on the right side of the page, return to your profile page where you requested the badge.

You should take you to accounts, settings, and tools for your profile. Scroll to see your profile card.

The list of available badges should be right below your profile card. Just drag the badge you received in the empty badge slot on your profile card.

Your new badge should appear on your profile card. To check, click on your profile picture at the top of the page, and you should see your new badge below all your displayed badges on your profile card.

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