How to Get a Free UK Virtual Phone Number at

How to Get a Free UK Virtual Phone Number at

Many people want a free UK virtual phone number that can forward calls to your local phone. For example, you live in the US, and you have a local US phone number 425-835-4456 and you want to protect your privacy or your friends want to save on phone calls on international calls, or you Want to do business in the UK, then you may be interested in this article.

By selecting destination country and country, please register at where call needs to be transferred.

Enter your email and local phone number in the “setup” page of the service.

Select your plan and payment method and pay as per your convenient method.

The system will call your number for confirmation purposes. There is no charge for you (excluding air time in RPP countries, such as USA, Canada, China)

After taking the phone, you will hear a code. Enter this code in the “Verification Code” text box. After entering the code, press “Verify” to verify your number.

From that moment on, the call to your UK number will be sent to your local number.

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